Best Hydraulic Floor Jack for your Workshop or Garage

With a floor jack, you are able to perform a number of tasks from the comfort of your home. You can be able to carry out the routine checks on your car and be able to access the hard-to-reach components that are beneath your vehicle. This types of tasks are made much easier with the help of a hydraulic floor jack.

According to most customers, the best floor jack is one that used hydraulics. This is understandable since you will be able to lift tons of load with such a floor jack. The heavy duty jack has versatile features, which makes it an ideal choice for both professional mechanics as well as car enthusiasts.

Most of the models of the market claim to be the best, in all aspects. However, if you want an assurance of quality and performance, you should consider having a hydraulic jack. In most cases, the common ones would be the 2 ton  and the 3 ton auto vehicle jack.

Pumping the floor jack is easy and will make the whole process of lifting loads much easier. With all the features found on these jacks, you will use very little effort to lift loads. All you would need to do is find the best performance jack. Here are some of the top  rated hydraulic jacks to consider:

Our Top Pick automatic hydraulic jack Comparison Chart

Which Is The Best Hydraulic Floor Jack of 2018?

There tons of advantages that are highlighted about Top quality jacks. With the market having so many different brands and models, a new customer may not tell which one they need to buy. The reviews below should serve as a guide to help you find the best automatic hydraulic jack.

Powerbuilt 620422E Heavy Duty 4000 lbs Triple Lift Jack

Hydraulic Floor Jack reviews

This is one of the most affordable and versatile floor jacks that you can find on the market. It is a heavy duty automatic jack, which can be used to lift ATVs, motorcycles, trucks and so many other different types of cars. It is quite powerful and you can make use of it for a number of functions.

Most of the common tasks like removing transmission and differentials, as well as replacing them, can be accomplished using this  jack. The Triple Lift design is patented and grants you the ability to be able to remove the saddle, which has padded lift rails. The flexible design of this lift jack allows you to use it on different, types of vehicles.

The floor jack has an impressive capability to lift up to 4,000 pounds of weight. It is constructed using superior quality of material, which enhances the strength and durability of this floor jack. The locking safety bar will enhance the stability of the jack when it is used to support vehicles. It comes with stable jack stands, which will provide steady support for your vehicle, once it is raised.

The overall design of this 2 ton hydraulic jack assures you of longevity and durability of this model of the floor jack. If you are looking for the best floor jack, and this is your first time to buy one, this is should be great option to start with.

When one is looking for a floor jack, the frame of the vehicle is the main consideration, but not with the Powerbuilt; the floor jack is designed in such a manner that you would be able to adjust it so as to use on different types of vehicles, with different frames. This is a worthwhile investment and you will not regret having this floor jack.

Powerbuilt 4000 lbs Triple Lift Jack Features

  • This is rated as the best triple lift jack due to the overall built, made from high quality materials.
  • There is a locking safety bar, which boosts the safety of this floor jack when it is in use. It will hold the jack in place when the vehicle is lifted.
  • The flexible design of the floor jack allows you to use it on different frames of vehicles conveniently.
  • The Triple Lift patented design of this floor jack makes it unique, since it has a removable saddle and padded lift rails.
  • Besides being a powerful and stable floor jack, you are assured of longevity and durability.

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Torin T95007 Hydraulic Bottle Jack – 50 Ton

Best Hydraulic Floor Jack

This is Torin jack is a hydraulic bottle jack, with the capacity to lift 50 tons of weight, which is quite impressive. The jack is made of superior quality steel frame and also features safe ratcheting heads. It is one of the best floor jacks on the market, especially due to the various features that have been integrated into this floor jack.

The high glide action pressure pump will accentuate the process of lifting heavy loads. As such, you will be able to lift your vehicle without much difficulty. This amazing floor jack has the ability to lift loads to a maximum height of 14.06 inches, seamlessly. Ideally, the features on this floor jack will cause the rising action to be faster, than what other similar jacks would do.

There are so many safety features that have been incorporated into this bottle jack. You can imagine a floor jack that lifts loads of up to 50 tons, needs to have so many measures put in place.  Due to the stable nature of the jack, you will be able to use it to support heavy machines as well as trucks and other heavy vehicles.

When using this floor jack, it is advisable to use other supporting accessories like car ramps, wheel chocks and jack stands, where deemed necessary. With that, you will be able to boot the support and ensure your safety when working underneath any vehicle.

While the jack can support loads all the way up to 14 inches, it is safer to lift your load to the specific height that is required. There is a very high risk potential when you lift a load that is 5 tons to a very high height. All safety measures should be observed when using this floor jack so as to prevent any accidents that may even result in fatalities.

Torin 50 ton bottle jack Features

  • This Torin floor jack is made of high quality steel, which makes it long-lasting and durable, to a great extent.
  • It is a heavy duty hydraulic floor jack as it has a maximum weight capacity rating of 50 tons.
  • The safe ratcheting head will facilitate the lifting process, without compromising on the stability of the floor jack.
  • You will need very little effort to be able to lift the load, thanks to the glide action pressure pump.
  • You will be able to lift heavy loads to a maximum height of 14.06 inches, which is quite convenient.

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PowerZone 380047 1700 LB Hydraulic Motorcycle/ATV Jack

Hydraulic Floor Jack

If you are looking for the best quality hydraulic jack for your ATV or motorbike, then the PowerZone 380047, would be a perfect choice. This floor jack has the capacity to lift a maximum load of 1700 lbs, with the lifting range being from 4 ½ inches, all the way up to 14 ½ inches. The beauty of it all is the fact that it takes a very short period of time to assemble and start using.

Unlike the other common types of floor jacks, you have the option of using the foot pedal to pump this floor jack. With this feature, it means that your hands will be free and as such, you will be able to support the load and balance it accordingly. If you are using this floor jack to lift a bike, you will be able to support it and align it so that it can balance perfectly.

This would be a great investment as you can be sure that it will last for a very long time, once you purchase it. It is made of heavy duty steel, which will give you the required strength and ensure that it lasts for a long time. You can collapse this jack to 4.5 inches, making it easier to store it, without taking up too much space.

As far as your safety goes, there is a removable T-handle, which provides you with a secure grip. Additionally, it is fitted with a rubber padded saddle, which is effective in ensuring that the contact with the motorcycle or ATV is firm and also prevent any form of damage to your ATV or motorcycle. There is a responsive quick lifting hydraulic system, which saves time when lifting your load. There is a safety valve, which will prevent the use of this floor jack beyond the rated capacity.

PowerZone 380047 Hydraulic  Jack Features

  • This is a heavy duty hydraulic floor jack since it is made from high quality steel, which is an assurance of strength and durability.
  • This floor jack has a removable T-handle, which gives you a firm grip when using this floor jack.
  • There is a foot pedal, which allows you to pump the floor jack using your foot. This leaves your hands free to support the load that is being raised.
  • You can be able to lift ATVs and motorcycles from 4.5 to 14.5 inches, making it easier to access all the components.
  • There is a safety valve, which will prevent any cases of overloading this  ATV or motorcycle lift jack beyond its rated capacity.

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12V DC 1 Ton Electric Hydraulic Floor Jack Set for Car Use (5.3-13.9 inch, Black)

hydraulic floor jack

If you are looking for the best Electric hydraulic jack, then this would be a great consideration. This is a complete set of an electric floor jack with 2 in 1 combo set has the capacity to lift loads of up to 1 to and comes with an inflatable pump. The fact that is has 2 sets of sleeves that have 4 different sizes; 17, 19, 21 and 23, makes it possible to use it on different types of vehicles. With this set, you will be safe to carry out your routine checks on your vehicle conveniently.

There is a cross groove saddle on this electric hydraulic jack for car and this will enhance the contact with the load and prevent any slippage. The rotating thread rod can spin 75mm and as such, this makes the cross groove saddle get a vantage point and gets really close to the lifting point. In the event that the jack is disconnected from power, there is a safety unloading and a self-locking power system that will prevent drastic fall of the floor jack. When it is reconnected to power, the jack will continue working as usual.

You can use the storage case of this set as a reflective safety triangle as it has a reflective tape, which is also skid proof. The skip proof tape prevents the case from moving around when in transit. The small size and unique design make it easier to store it in the trunk of your car and carry it around. This is an ideal setting for anyone who is looking for the perfect floor jack set.

Electric Hydraulic Jack Set Features

  • This is an emergency kit that comes with quite a number of items besides the electric hydraulic jack for car. It has the sleeve, electric impact wrench, storage case and a battery clamp.
  • There is a safety device that is built in such that the floor jack will lock in place even when it is disconnected from power. This will retain the floor jack at the current height, which is a safety measure.
  • The floor jack has the capacity to lift 1 ton of load and has a lifting range of 5.3 to 13.9 inches.
  • The cross groove saddle is well designed such that it will get closer to the lifting point and once it is in contact with the load, it prevents slippage.
  • It has a simple 2 switch, which makes it easy to operate as long as you connect it to a 12V power outlet on the vehicle.

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Tooluxe 31010L Low Profile Air Hydraulic Bottle Jack | 20-Ton Capacity

hydraulic jack for car

This 20 ton bottle jack is quite remarkable in that it has the capacity to lift loads of up to 20 tons, which is an equivalent of 40,000 pounds. It comes with a rapid lifting system that will make it easier for you to lift your loads, without too much effort. This is ideal for heavy duty tasks like lifting heavy machinery and equipment as well as truck repairs. The good news is that most vehicles are below 20 tons, which means you can use it on various vehicles. You can make use of this floor jack even in tight spaces.

With a minimum lift height of 10 ¼ inches and the maximum height going all the way up to 20 inches, you can easily use this hydraulic bottle jack on different vehicles including SUVs, trucks, off-road and even motorbikes. This is considered to be a low profile hydraulic jack since it can fit under most vehicles without too much strain. It has dimensions of 10.2 by 8.3 by 9.4 inches, which makes it versatile as you can use it on different vehicles.

The Tooluxe 31010L low profile air hydraulic bottle jack comes with a two-piece handle, which is quite convenient. This makes it possible to do manual lifting if you are not using the compressor. The storage also becomes quite easy as the handle can be dismantled in a very short period of time. The overall construction is quite solid and as such, you can consider this to be a long term investment. This is the right floor jack if you are looking for a jack that can be used for heavy lifting tasks.

20 ton air hydraulic bottle jack Features

  • This low profile hydraulic jack has the capacity to lift up to 20 tons of load, without a problem As such, it can be used for big loads and any other task that requires a heavy duty hydraulic jack.
  • You can connect this hydraulic jack to air compressors, which is made possible by the 48 inch rubber hose and the ¼ inch air nipple.
  • The 20 ton bottle jack can lift most vehicles in a safe and reliable manner and therefore you can use it on motorbike, SUVs, trucks and off road.
  • The solid construction makes this floor jack stable and it also short enough to fit on the underside of most machinery and vehicles.
  • When the air compressor is not available, you can use the two-piece jack handle to pump the jack manually.

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OTC (5303) Stinger 3 Ton Hydraulic Service Jack

3 ton hydraulic floor jack

OTC is well known for the reputation of building high quality tools and this is the same for the OTC (5303) Stinger 3 Ton Hydraulic Service Jack. This is one of the quality jack that passes as the best floor jack due to its amazing capabilities. You will be able to lift loads of up to 3 tons as this jack has the capacity to achieve that, without a struggle. If you want a reliable 3 ton hydraulic floor jack then you should consider this model as it is quite stable and reliable, in every sense of the word.

The lifting range of this floor jack is 5 ¾ to 18 ½ inches, which is quite a wide range and as such, you can use it on different vehicles. The flanged body edge serves to increase the strength and stability of this floor jack and as such, you will not have any issues with the floor jack twisting. It is pretty light and has a compact design and as such, you can move and use it with so much ease. You will not have a problem moving it from one point to another or even adjusting it according to your preference.

As a safety measure, it comes with a built-in safety overload system, which will prevent any cases of overloading the floor jack beyond the rated capacity. The saddle has a diameter of 4 inches, which is wide enough to provide adequate room for contact with the load. The rear swivel casters will play a critical role in enhancing the stability of the floor jack. They will also make it easy to move the floor jack and position it in the right place.

otc 5303 Service Jack Features

  • The 3 ton hydraulic service jack has a lifting range of 5 ¾ inches to 18 ½ inches and will support loads of up to 3 tons.
  • There are rear swivel casters on this floor jack and this will make it easier to maneuver and position the floor jack.
  • The solid construction of the floor jack is quite remarkable and it has a flanged upper body edge, which enhances the strength to support the loads, without succumbing.
  • The floor jack is light and has a compact design, which makes it easy to use and portable in a convenient manner.
  • As far as the safety goes, the floor jack comes with a safety valve that will prevent any cases of overloading it beyond the rated capacity. This is a safety measure that makes the floor jack reliable.

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What to Consider When Buying a Floor Jack?

Having established that the best floor jack means hydraulic jack, it is important to also note that there are aspects that need to be considered when shopping for one. Here are some of the key considerations, which will guarantee that you will get the best hydraulic floor jack.

  • Frame of the Vehicle

The frame of the vehicle will have the jack points and as such, this is an essential consideration. You should pay keen attention to the type of car that you intend to use your floor jack on so that you can be able to be the ideal one, which will not disappoint you.

If you want a simple jack to do basic tasks like changing a flat tire, you can go for the scissor jack. For those with heavy vehicles, which tend to be quite high, the bottle jack is the best option. However, the auto hydraulic jack is quite versatile and is considered to be the best floor jack for all.

  • Weight of the Car

You need to be certain of the amount of load, which you need to lift with the floor jack. Each model comes with the maximum weight rating, which should not be taken with utmost seriousness when using the floor jack. If you have a small car, the 2 ton hydraulic jack may serve the purpose, without a problem

However, the 3 ton jack seems to be the best choice for small and mid-sized vehicles. You should critically analyze and confirm how much weight any type of floor jack can support, before purchasing it.

  • Construction Quality

Unless you intend to keep buying a floor jack every other day, you should carefully examine the quality of materials used in making the floor jack. When you buy a low quality floor jack, it will break down within a number of days and this will cause you to stay without one, or buy a new one, altogether.

Take time and find a high quality floor jack, which is ultimately cheaper in the long run. It will give you great service and ensure that you get value for the money. Most hydraulic vehicle jacks are made of high quality aluminum and this gives them adequate strength and longevity.

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Final Recommendation:

It is agreed that having a hydraulic car jack is the best option. With the many models on the market, we consider the Torin T95007 Hydraulic Bottle Jack – 50 Ton to be the best hydraulic floor jack. This is a bottle jack, with the capacity to lift loads of up to 50 tons. The only disadvantage is that you cannot use it on low profile cars since the minimum height is 4 ½ inches.

With all the details and information highlighted, you have seen the essence of having a Quality hydraulic jack. Hopefully, this will serve as a guide so that you can be able to buy the best floor jack.

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