Best Floor Jack On The Market Today & Comprehensive Guide 2018

Best Floor Jack ReviewsVehicles are common and have been a necessity more than a luxury. People use vehicles to move from one place to another and there are instances when the car may break down. Having the best floor jack is one of the solutions that can get you out of danger swiftly.

There are so many different models of the jacks on the market and finding the right car floor jack may be a daunting task for an average customer. Fortunately, this review will serve as a guide to help you find the quality Auto Jack.

We have a number of floor jack reviews, which will come in handy in helping you make a decision on the most suitable jack for the car. We shall also take you through the key considerations when purchasing a floor jack and so much more.

What are the Different Types of Floor Jacks?

Before going out to shop for a car jack, it is important to note that there are different types jack available on the market. Generally, there are 3 types of floor jacks:

  • Hydraulic Floor Jack:

Most car owners and people who run auto shops prefer to use this type of jack. The hydraulic floor jack is one of the best options if you want to get the quality floor jack for the home garage. The ease of use and the convenience associated with this jack is what makes it a favorite option for most people.

Ideally, the hydraulic jack has a chamber that is filled with hydraulic oil, which is pumped and this forces the saddle to start rising. The oil is transferred from the reservoir to the hydraulic chamber by pulling the plunger back. The ball check valve will keep the floor jack arm in position and then the release valve is opened to facilitate the lifting of the load, with minimal effort.

  • Bottle or Piston Jack:

This jack is the perfect for the car, SUV or truck works in the same way as the hydraulic jack. The only difference is the fact that this jack is shaped like a bottle. This is commonly used to lift large trucks and vehicles that are quite heavy. This is a versatile jack and has the capacity to lift up heavy loads weighing 50 tons and above.

Unlike the hydraulic car jack, this garage jack requires sufficient clearance space. As such, this cannot be bought as a low profile floor jack. The Piston jack tends to be quite heavy as well and this may limit mobility. In most cases, these jacks are made of high-quality steel and heavy metal, which makes them strong and reliable.

  • Scissor Jack:

If you have ever bought a car, there is a very high possibility that you found a jack from the manufacturer. In most cases, this will be a scissor jack, which is considered to be a cheap floor jack. The jack has a lead and screw which are used as the raising mechanism. The process of lifting a load using this car floor jack is quite demanding and requires a whole lot of physical effort.

You should use this jack for emergencies only like changing a flat tire. Most car owners carry it in the car due to the compact size and lightweight. However, it is quite limited in terms of the usage.

Things to Consider Before Buying a quality Floor Jack

As you may have realized, there are so many features that one can find on a floor jack. As such, you should look at some key features so as to make sure that you get the best floor jack. Every model and brand claim to be the best on the market and this may be confusing for most people.

If you want to find the best floor jack for the money, there are a number of factors that you should consider. This is the only way that you can be assured of finding the best automotive floor jack. Here are some of the most critical considerations when looking for a floor jack:

  • Capacity:

If there is one thing that you should pay close attention to when buying a car floor jack is the capacity. This refers to the maximum weight that your jack can handle and support comfortably. Each model has a weight capacity rating and as such you should ensure that you consider the weight of the vehicle so as to get the right jack.

In most cases, you will find most car jacks being 2 tons and 3 tons, which are ideal for the small to mid-sized cars. You should never make the mistake of trying to subject your floor jack to a weight that it cannot handle.

When looking at the floor jack reviews, you should be keen on the capacity. Having a very heavy vehicle supported by a jack with less capacity can cause serious injuries and even death. Also ensure that the jack is from a reputable manufacturer, who would not lie about the capacity rating.

  • Materials:

When purchasing an automotive jack, you should think of it as a long term investment. You would not want a jack that breaks down after a few weeks, forcing to buy another one. This is what makes the construction material an essential consideration when you are purchasing a car floor jack.

There are a number of jacks that are made of high quality steel. When you find a cheap floor jack, it will most likely be made of steel. Such jacks are heavy and may not be portable, but since they are made of heavy duty steel they will last for a very long period of time.

An aluminum jack for car is considered to be the best option for most mechanics and car enthusiasts. Generally, aluminum floor jacks tend to be lighter and will be easier to move around. In most cases, aluminum jacks are made from aircraft grade aluminum, which guarantees you long service.

  • Lift Height:

Another essential consideration for the best lightweight floor jack is the lift height. This refers to the lifting range; the minimum and maximum height of the floor jack that you intend to purchase. Ideally, you should consider the type of vehicle that you have so as to determine the right lift height to go for.

The best option for a garage jack is one that can rise all the way to 18 or 20 inches. It is also important to consider the lift capacity of the jack when looking at the lift height. You would not want a case of lifting a very heavy vehicle too high, as it poses a greater risk.

When considering the lift height, you should check the minimum height as well. This is very important if you have lowered cars, which need low profile jacks to be lifted. When lifting a vehicle very high, it is important to check if the base of the floor jack is wide enough.

  • Lift Speed:

The lift speed is the rate at which the hydraulic car jack will raise the vehicle to the desired height. Modern jacks have rapid lifting mechanisms, attributable to the dual piston pumps. With these in place, you will be able to lift your vehicle to the maximum height, effortlessly, with very little effort.

You should be keen on the lift speed, especially if you are running an auto shop. This will save you a whole lot of time and requires very little effort to be able to lift the vehicle and go underneath to work on it. With the double piston hydraulic pumps, the lifting process is quite easy.

The type of handle and the overall design may also influence the lift speed. Most floor jacks will require an average of about 10 pumps to be able to lift the vehicle to the maximum height. However, there are those that take 5 or fewer pumps, which would be the best car floor jack to buy.

  • Usages:

Besides lifting vehicles, floor jacks can be used for so many other functions. This may include lifting racing machines and supporting other types of load. When shopping for the best floor jack, you should consider the usage that it is intended for.

If you have a small car, the 2-ton jack would be the ideal one. This can also be used on the mid-sized cars and SUVs, which are less than 2 tons. The best automotive jack is the one that comes with an overload and bypass valves.

There are some floor jacks which would be ideal for transmission works, which is a key consideration. When thinking about the usage of your jack, you should put your safety as a top priority. Irrespective of the type of jack you choose to buy, ensure that you have jack stands and other accessories to enhance the stability.

  • Price and Warranty:

There are some people who just want to buy a low quality floor jack, which may end up being a serious hazard. When looking for a car floor jack, it is important to consider the price factor. When looking at the price, you should compare a number of models so as to pick the one that is reasonably priced.

The warranty is one of the indicators of the quality of the floor jack. If a manufacturer offers a warranty for your floor jack, this may indicate that they are confident in the quality of the floor jack. Besides the price, you should consider the warranty that the floor jack has.

It is also worth noting that the fact that a floor jack is highly priced does not necessarily mean that it is of superior quality. You should consider all the other factors as well so as to make an informed decision on the best budget floor jack to buy on the market.

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Top 10 Best Floor Jack On The Market 2017

With the extensive range of car jacks on the market, you may be confused on the best rated floor jack to pick. This is the essence of having reviews for the top rated jacks that are available to help you make your decision. Here are some of the best models that you can consider.

Our Top Pick  5 Automotive Floor Jack Comparison Chart 

best floor jack reviews
best floor jack reviews
best floor jack reviews
best floor jack reviews
best floor jack reviews

Arcan ALJ3T Aluminum Floor Jack – 3 Ton Capacity

Arcan ALJ3T best floor jack reviews

The Arcan ALJ3T comes loaded with a whole lot of features. This Arcan floor jack has a rating of 3 tons, as the maximum weight capacity, making it ideal for SUVs, trucks and most vehicles. It is amazing to note that the jack weighs only 56 pounds, and has such a high load capacity.

The ultra-light aluminum body contributes to the sturdy construction of this Arcan 3 ton jack. There are lightening holes that have been integrated on this jack in a bit to reduce the overall weight of this Arcan jack.

You can use this Arcan 3 ton aluminum jack for the low profile cars as it sits at a low height of 3-3/4 inches. On the other end, it has the capacity to lift the load all the way up to 18-1/8 inches. The dual piston pump will make it possible to be able to get to the maximum height with minimal pumps, which makes it quite convenient.

There is a rubber saddle, which is conveniently placed on this Arcan ALJ3T Aluminum Floor Jack – 3 Ton Capacity. This will protect the underside of the vehicle as well as the other components when the vehicle is being lifted. In addition to this, the rubber will enhance the grip and prevent any cases of slippage and as such, you are assured of your safety when working beneath the car.

The handle is well padded so as to protect your arms when using this hydraulic jack. There are two casters that are fixed on the front part of the Arcan Aluminum car jack and two swivel casters with rear bearing. These will make it easy to move and place the jack and also enhance the stability of the hydraulic jack when in use.

The Arcan automotive floor jack takes safety matters quite seriously and this is what it comes with bypass and overload valves. These will prevent the use of the jack beyond its lifting capacity and as such you are assured of your safety when working underneath the vehicle.

Arcan 3 ton aluminum floor jack Features

  • The Arcan ALJ3T floor jack has a maximum weight rating of 3 tons, making it ideal for most vehicles, SUVs and trucks.
  • This Arcan Aluminum jack weighs 56 pounds, which makes it portable and lightweight. This is attributable to the overall construction using aluminum.
  • The bypass and overload valves are safety features, which are aimed at preventing the use of the Arcan floor jack beyond its capacity.
  • This model comes with a dual piston pump, which will make it possible to lift any load to the desired height with minimal efforts, making this to be the best automotive floor jack.
  • The quick lock feature is also a safety enhancement on this jack and this will make it easier to activate and deactivate the valves.

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Hein-Werner HW93642 Blue Hydraulic Service Jack – 2 Ton Capacity

Best floor jack reviews

The Hein Warner floor jack is the among the best floor jacks that you find on the market. This is a 2-ton jack is made in the USA, by one of the most reputable manufacturers of hydraulic automotive jacks, Shinn Fu Company of America, Inc. The robustness and superior quality are some of the features that the Hein Werner 2 ton floor jack boasts of.

While there are so many different types of floor jacks assembled in the United States, the Hein Werner jack seems to have a very high satisfaction rating among consumers. The only challenge for some consumers is the one-piece handle, which makes it a bit difficult to remove it.

With a capacity rating of 2 tons, this is the best car floor jack, with the capacity to lift small to mid-size cars, without much difficulty. If you have a heavier vehicle, you should consider a floor jack with a higher capacity rating so as to avoid any injuries and damages to the vehicle.

There is a unique pump that has been integrated with the Hein-Werner HW93642 Blue Hydraulic Service Jack – 2 Ton Capacity, which allows you to jack up your car rapidly, with minimal efforts. The U-joint release mechanism, on the other hand, will enhance the precision of the jack when in use. These are the key features that influence a smooth operation of the jack.

There are flanged side plates on the sides of the vehicle jack, which provides great stability. The overall construction of the jack is made of cast iron, which makes it durable and also boosts the stability while in use. There is an in-line pump, which will alleviate the wear and tear, making the jack last for a very long period of time.

The hydraulic pump is sealed, which prevents any form of contamination that may be brought about by dirt and dust. Over and above the Hein Werner auto floor jack is designed to give you quality service and last for a very long period of time.

Hein Werner floor jack  Features

  • This floor jack is assembled by one of the leading manufacturers of hydraulic floor jacks in the US and has the capacity to lift up to 2 tons of load.
  • The wide frame and the flanged side plates on the jack enhance the stability of this car jack.
  • This overall construction is made of cast iron, which assures you of durability.
  • The U-joint release valve on the jack, that will enhance precision when using the jack.
  • There is a unique pump, which facilitates rapid lift and it is also sealed to avoid any contamination.

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Pittsburgh Automotive 3 Ton Heavy Duty Ultra Low Profile Steel Floor Jack

Best floor jack

This is a low profile, Pittsburgh floor jack that has impressive features in that it can lift loads of up to 3 tons. The rapid handle pump allows you to lift the load in quickly, with minimal effort. The pump has a system that is known as dual parallel pump system, which allows you to lift the load with very few pumps.

The universal joint release, on the other hand, allows you to control the load height, irrespective of the handle position. With this feature, you can turn the handle so as to achieve maximum precision with your load. This enhances the safety of the user and will make it easier to work beneath the car.

As far as the stability goes, you will nothing to be afraid of as the Pittsburg 3 ton jack has this covered as well. The overall weight of this jack is 71.7 pounds, which enhances the stability. In addition, Pittsburgh Automotive 3 Ton Heavy Duty Ultra Low Profile Steel Floor Jack has steel casters, which are wider than the average ones and this also boosts the stability of the Pittsburgh automotive garage jack.

The car jack has a whole lot of convenience since the pump handle is quite long as it measures 45.25 inches. As such, pumping the hydraulics is much easier and lifting loads is seamless. The knurled steel handle ensures that you have a firm grip when using this best garage floor jack. The foam rubber that covers the handle of this aluminum floor jack will protect the vehicle from any form of damage.

If you have a lowered car, the Pittsburgh jack would be the right jack to use. This is a heavy duty jack, which is built to last. All the features of the jack make it an ideal choice for most motorists. It has a tough construction, as it is made from superior quality aluminum.

Working with the Pittsburgh 3 ton motor vehicle jack offers a whole lot of convenience. This is mainly due to the safety and stability features, which are emphasized. This would be the perfect choice for SUVs, cars and even trucks as it has a maximum weight rating of 3 tons.

Pittsburgh 3 Ton Floor Jack Features

  • This garage jack has a superior construction as it is made of industrial grade aluminum, making it durable and long lasting.
  • The Rapid Pump is an exclusive feature of this car floor jack. It has the dual parallel system, which makes it easier to lift loads.
  • This the best rated floor jack with a maximum weight capacity rating of 3 tons and has a universal joint release to enhance precision.
  • The extra wide casters and the overall heavy duty build of this jack enhance the stability of this garage jack.
  • The knurled handle is well padded to enhance a secure grip. The handle has two pieces, which can be detached for easier storage, making it the best auto floor jack.

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Torin T83006 SUV Service Jack – 3 Ton

Torin T83006 best floor jack

The Torin T83006  jack for any vehicle that weighs 3 tons and below. This Torin high-lift jack has been designed in such a stable manner, allowing it to lift loads from 6 inches to 21 inches. The extension adapter on the jack makes it a professional mechanical tool, with adequate flexibility.

The extra-long neck design of the Torin 3 ton floor jack will make ideal for any person to use, without having to bend too much. Ultimately, you will be able to save so much time and be able to lift vehicles that are higher than the standing the vehicle. When the extension is added, the minimum height will be 9 inches. You can easily remove this long neck when you do not need to use it. The jack has a weight of 43.9 pounds and is quite useful for mechanical operations.

This car jack has a sturdy construction, which allows it to handle different types of vehicles, making it a versatile floor jack. You can be able to lift small cars and also medium size ones like SUVs, thanks to the height extender that is integrated on this hydraulic floor jack. With this jack, you will be able to lift so much weight with minimal effort.

Looking at most of the Torin T83006 SUV Service Jack – 3 Ton reviews, you will realize that this is the best auto floor jack as it is made to last and is quite versatile in terms of the use. With the ergonomic handle, you can be able to lift heavy loads, easily. The jack is compact and this makes it easier to store it conveniently. You would not need to have too much space to store this garage jack.

As far as stability goes, the Torin model jack has caster swivel wheels, which enhance the stability when the jack is put in position. In addition to this, you easily maneuver the floor jack as the swivel wheel glide easily. The overall construction of this vehicle jack is made of high grade steel, which makes it steady and durable.

Torin Suv Floor Jack Features

  • The Torin floor jack comes with a rubberized handle, which will provide secure grip and comfort in your hands.
  • It is made using high quality steel, which makes it durable.
  • It has a rapid lifting mechanism, with a maximum weight capacity of 3 tons.
  • The extra-long neck is a height extender and will make it easier to use the jack on SUVs and other high vehicles.
  • There is an overload protection feature, which ensures that the garage jack is not subjected to weights that are beyond its capacity.

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OTC 1532 2-Ton Capacity Aluminum Racing Jack

OTC 1532 best floor jack

This OTC 2 ton jack is made of aircraft-grade aluminum and is one of the best low profile floor jacks on the market. It has a minimum height of 3-1/2 inches when it is in the resting position. While the jack weighs only 43 pounds, it has the capacity to lift weights of up to 2 tons, which makes it a useful jack. It is generally easy to use, store and even maneuver, making it rank as the best floor jack for home use.

You will be able to lift your vehicle rapidly, thanks to the dual pump pistons. As such, it will only take 5 pumps for you to be able to lift your vehicle to the maximum height of 18 inches. The rubber sad part plays a critical role in the support of the vehicle when it is lifted using this OTC 1532 jack. The saddle will enhance the contact and prevent any slippage when the jack is in use.

This is an aluminum racing jack and comes with a pair of 2-ton aluminum jack stands, which enhance the support and stability of the vehicle being lifted. There are handles that are mounted on the sides of this OTC 1532 2-Ton Capacity Aluminum Racing Jack and this will facilitate faster lifting and easier movement of this car jack.

The two-piece design of the handle snaps together, easily for speedy setup and makes it easier to detach and store the floor jack. The rubber saddle rubber is also removable for easier storage. Generally, the jack is convenient and allows users to lift loads, with minimal efforts. If you have an auto shop that has many lowered cars, this is the ideal garage jack. You will be able to work underneath the vehicle, having supported your vehicle with the OTC jack and the jack stands as well.

The overall construction is one of the key areas that most customers are impressed with. It is made of industrial grade aluminum, which makes it durable and long lasting. In addition to this, the aluminum causes the floor jack to be lightweight, making it possible to move it around without much difficulty.

OTC Aluminum Racing Jack Features

  • The rapid lift mechanism on this high lift jack allows you to lift your load to the maximum height, with 5 pumps only.
  • Besides the OTC 1532 jack weighing only 43 tons, the weight capacity rating is 2 tons, which is quite impressive.
  • There is a removable rubber saddle, which protects the vehicle and its components from being damaged. This is also some form of safety mechanism as it will prevent any cases of the jack slipping while in use.
  • The 2-piece handle can be put together fast and easily, which is also the case when removing it.
  • The minimum height of 3.5 inches makes it an ideal low profile car jack.

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Powerzone 380044 3 Ton Aluminum and Steel Garage Jack

best floor jack Powerzone 380044

The Powerzone 380044 is a good floor jack and has quite a number of remarkable features. This 3 ton aluminum floor jack is made in China, but the performance it has is exceptional. It has an aluminum frame, which enhances its strength and giving it the capacity to support loads of up to 3 tons, without succumbing to pressure. It has a lift range of 4 inches to 18 ¼ inches and as such, it can be used to lift a wide range of vehicles.

The quick lift mechanism allows you to lift loads pretty fast, without putting in too much effort. There are safety valves that have been fitted into this garage jack so as to prevent it from being overloaded or even over pumped. As such, you will only be able to use the auto jack within safe parameters, without overwhelming it. The jack has a saddle that is padded so as to protect the frame of the vehicle.

The handle is also padded and this protects the frame of the vehicle as well when pumping the jack. As for the stability, the jack is quite stable due to its design and solid construction. It comes with rear wheels, which help in enhancing the stability of the jack for vehicles, and also in position and moving. You will be able to get to the maximum height with only 6 pumps and this is why it ranks as the best aluminum car jack.

Powerzone 3 Ton Aluminum Floor Jack Features

  • This is the best floor jack as it has the capacity to lift loads of up to 6,000 pounds or 3 tons, which is quite impressive.
  • The minimum height for the Powerzone 3 ton jack is 4 inches and the maximum height is 18 ¼ inches, giving you adequate room to access the underside of the vehicle.
  • This 3 ton aluminum garage jack has a lift arm made of heavy duty steel, which enhances the strength and durability.
  • The saddle and handle are padded and covered with foam, which will protect the frame of the vehicle from any marring or be denting. The padding on the saddle enhances the grip on the load.
  • This is the best lightweight floor jack as it comes with a quick lift mechanism that will lift your load to the maximum height in just 6 pumps.

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Arcan XL20 Black Low Profile Steel Service Jack – 2 Ton Capacity

Arcan XL20 floor jack

When you have an Arcan jack, you are assured of exceptional quality and this particular model does not disappoint. You will be able to lift loads of up to 2 tons with this auto jack without a problem. This is one of the jacks that are quite affordable, yet does not compromise on the features and the performance quality. This is the best floor jack for the money as is it budget friendly and has versatile features. It is one of the lighter models of the Arcan brand and serves the purpose effectively.

If you are looking for the best low profile car jack, then this would be your best bet. You will be able to use it on lowered vehicles easily as it slips under the vehicle without much of a problem. It has rear swivel casters, which will make it easier to position it and maneuver under the vehicle. The overall construction is quite solid and this is an assurance of its durability. This 2 ton jack can be used by professional mechanics and car enthusiasts alike.

Being made of aluminum, it is quite light and has a compact design, making it easy to carry around and even to store. With the dual piston pump, you will be able to raise your loads quite fast and with minimal efforts. The Arcan XL20 is one of the greatest floor jacks that one can find on the market and it is quite affordable. This is worth considering and it will not disappoint you in any way.

Arcan XL20 Low Profile Floor Jack Features

  • The Arcan XL20 has an Overload and bypass safety valves, which will prevent any cases of overpumping or overloading of the floor jack.
  • The universal joint release mechanism on this Arcan jack will give you ultimate control and precision when positioning the jack.
  • You will be able to lift loads of up to 2 tons with this particular model as it is a 2 ton floor jack.
  • It comes with a compact and sleek design that will enhance convenience when it comes to mobility and storage, as such it is the best floor jack for the home garage.
  • It is also rated as the best low profile jack as it can slide under vehicles with the least ground clearance.

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Sunex 6602LP Lowrider Service Jack, 2-Ton

best floor jack for truck

With so many floor jack reviews out there, one may wonder which would be the best car jack. The Sunex 6602LP is one of a kind as it has quite a number of features that are impressive. It can support loads of up to 2 tons comfortably and passes as an incredibly low profile jack.It has a minimum saddle height of 2 ¾ inches, while the maximum height is 24 inches. This is one of the quality auto jacks that have such a wide lifting range, which accommodates quite a number of different vehicles.

While the jack comes with a wide lifting range, it also has a quick lift mechanism, which is made possible by the dual piston pumps. As a result, you can lift the saddle from the resting position to the maximum height is just 6.5 pumps, which is quite remarkable. This means that you will be able to hoist your load up effortlessly, thanks to the rapid rise technology. Additionally, there is a quick release handle that allows you to lower your load pretty fast.

The two piece handle, on this 2 ton automotive jack, is quite convenient when it comes to storage as you can disassemble it. When using it, becomes long enough to be able to reach even the furthest point on the vehicle without much difficulty. The saddle and the handle are covered with foam and well padded so as to protect the frame of the vehicle and other components on the underside of your vehicle.

Sunex 6602lp Service Jack Features:

  • Just as the name implies, the 2 ton floor jack has the capacity to lift loads of up to 2 tons to the desired height.
  • With a minimum height of 2 ¾ inches, this is one of the best low profile jacks that you will find on the market. it has a maximum height of 24 inches, which is incredible.
  • The Sunex 6602LP comes with a rapid rise technology and as such, it only takes 6 ½ pumps to get to the maximum height, thanks to the double piston pumps on this jack.
  • The saddle and the handle are well padded and this will protect the vehicle from any form of damage or be denting.
  • The two piece handle is quite long and will make it easier to get to the hard to reach places. It is also convenient when it comes to storage since they can be detached.

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3 Ton Low-Profile Aluminum Racing Car Auto Floor Jack 6000 lbs Limit JEGS 80077

Low Profile Car Jack

The 3 Ton Low-Profile Aluminum Racing Car Auto Floor Jack 6000 lbs Limit JEGS 80077 passes as the best 3 ton jack for a number of reasons. It is made of aluminum, which gives it the stability to be able to support loads of up to 3 tons, without a problem. This means that you will be able to lift loads of 6,000 pounds. The advantage is also the fact that you are able to move it around with much ease since it is quite light due to the aluminum construction.

Being a hydraulic jack the hydraulic system is quite important and this why on this floor jack it is well protected. The hydraulic fluid will not be contaminated and as such, you can rest assured that the floor jack will serve your needs for a very long period of time. In addition to this, as part of the safety measures, there are valves that will prevent any cases of overloading or over extension of the lift arm. This is to ensure that the jack is used to its rated capacity.

The lifting range of this 3 ton aluminum car jack is from 3 ½ inches to 19 ¼ inches, which means that you can use it as a low profile garage jack. With a saddle that rotates to 360°, you will be able to place the jack with much ease. There are side handles that will make it easier to move the jack and carry it around.

JEGS 80077 low profile aluminum floor jack Features

  • The 3 ton aluminum jack will be able to lift loads of up to 3 tons, conveniently.
  • Having been made of high grade aluminum, this model is quite sturdy and will last for a very long period of time.
  • You can use it as a low profile jack as it has a minimum height of 3 ½ inches. The maximum height is 19 ¼ inches, which will give you adequate space to work underneath your car.
  • As far as safety goes, there are safety valves to prevent overloading of the jack and it is the best price floor jack due to the affordable price.
  • The swivel saddle rotates to 360°, making it convenient to position the car jack. These are some of the reasons why it stands out as the best 3 ton jack.

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How to Safely Operate a Floor Jack?

When it comes to the operation of the best floor jack, the main thing to consider is your safety. There are basic measures that you should take to enhance this safety. Always ensure that the vehicle is parked on a flat surface and on the concrete ground. The parking brake should be engaged before you can lift the vehicle.

To lift the vehicle using a floor jack, you should follow these steps:

  • Start by closing the release valve in a tight and secure manner so as to engage the hydraulic system. You should do this by turning the handle clockwise.
  • When you have closed the valve, you should position your car jack and should ensure that it is on the marked jack points on the vehicle.
  • Pump the handle up to the point where the saddle of the auto jack comes into contact with the load. You should keep checking the jack to ensure it is well-positioned.
  • When you have achieved the desired height, place jack stands and lower the vehicle such that it rests on the jack stands. You should ensure that you have the right pair of jack stands with the capacity to support the weight of your vehicle.

In order to lower the vehicle:

  • Turn the handle of your hydraulic jack to the counterclockwise direction, which will open the release valve.
  • Lower the saddle in a slow motion so as to prevent any cases of shock load on the jack stands. You should keep checking if the jack is aligned properly so as to prevent any potential damages or injuries.
  • Take out the jack stands and then lower the floor jack all the way down and then remove the jack.

How to Take Care of Floor Jacks?

It is one thing to buy the best floor jack and a totally different thing to ensure that it lasts for a long time. Any jack will only last for a very long time if it is accorded proper care and maintenance. If you have a garage jack, here are some tips to take care of it:

  • Cleaning: You should always ensure that your car jack is clean. This goes a long way in extending its lifespan. Once you have finished using the floor jack, clean it and store it when it is clean. Once in a while, you can do thorough cleaning and lubrication.
  • Inspecting: Before placing your jack under the vehicle, you should inspect it. Check for any unusual cracks or oil leaks. If you notice any fault on the vehicle jack, you should stop using it right away and have it fixed.
  • Replace Hydraulic Fluid: The excellent performance of the floor jack depends on the hydraulics, which is facilitated by the oil. Check the oil once in a while so as to keep the automotive jack in proper shape.
  • Lubrication: The car jacks usually have a number of moving parts, which need to be lubricated. Make this a habit so as to keep the auto garage jack working properly. It is advisable to use grease for lubrication instead of oil. Grease is less messy and will flow to all the parts, unlike oil.
  • Storage: Once you are done using the jack, wipe it down and store it in a clean place. Ensure that your jack is stored in the upright position as this will prevent the leakage of the hydraulic oil. If the jack has removable parts, keep them in a safe place.
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Floor Jack Supporting Accessories:

While floor jacks seem to be effective and can work on their own, it is advisable to get supporting accessories. Even the sometimes garage jack can slip and cause a whole lot of damage to the car and fatal injuries to the user. Here are some of the main supporting accessories that work with auto jacks:

  • Jacks Stand:

Jack stands are sold as a pair and are meant to offer additional support to the vehicle. Once you have raised your car using a high lift jack, you should place the stands and lower the floor jack so that the vehicle rests on the jack stands.

You should never go underneath the car before supporting your car with jack stands. It is important to ensure that you have the right lift stand, which can hold the weight of the car comfortably. When looking for the best car jack, you should consider the stands that will work with the floor jack. Read Here The Best Jack Stand Ultimate Reviews.

  • Wheel Chocks:

Just as the name suggests, these are accessories that are placed behind the wheels of the vehicle before the car is jacked. The wheel chocks are placed in the opposite direction to the jack and this will prevent any movement of the vehicle when it is raised. It is advisable to have your car on handbrake when lifting it with a car jack.

However, this may also fail and these wedges known as wheel chocks can come in handy in this case. The wheel chocks are affordable, but the value they offer is immeasurable. Even if you have the best floor jack in the market, it is highly advisable to use wheel chocks.

  • Car Ramps:

Car ramps can be used to raise the car pretty fast. This can be used as an alternative to the floor jacks. You will drive up the car ramps and this gives you easier access to the components that are beneath the car.

When using the auto ramps, you should ensure that you have wheel chocks in place. This will prevent movement of the vehicle while working on it. Fortunately, with the vehicle ramps, you would not need to have the jack stands. Automotive ramps may limit some tasks like changing tires, bleeding brake lines or even replacing brake pads. For In-depth Information about Best Ramps, you can Go Here.

  • Mechanics Creeper:

It is recommended that you should have your vehicle on a solid surface before lifting it using a car jack. This provides stability but can be hurting for your body. The mechanic’s creeper is a form of the trolley, which allows you to slide beneath the vehicle conveniently.

With the car creeper, you will enjoy great comfort when under the car. The trolley comes with wheels, which will make it possible to move around and get all your work done, without much difficulty. If you want to buy a best Mechanics Creeper, You Can Check Here

  • Transmission Jack:

One of the most challenging tasks at an auto shop is the transmission works. This includes removing and installing transmission and you cannot use an ordinary jack for the car. There are special transmission jacks that can be used to achieve this.

However, if you already have a floor jack in your possession, you will need to find an adapter to attach to your floor jack so that it can work as a transmission jack. The process of changing transmission is delicate and should be handled by professional mechanics only.

Final Recommendation: 

If you have come this far, you must be gathered enough information to allow you make an informed decision on the best floor jack to buy. The market is flooded with so many floor jacks for sale and if you can put all the factors mentioned into consideration, you will certainly find the right vehicle jack to use.

In our recommendation, the Arcan ALJ3T Aluminum Floor Jack – 3 Ton Capacity is the best option. This is due to the price factor, which is quite reasonable and the numerous features mentioned above, making it a versatile jack. This model surpasses the basic standard of the floor jack and will lift vehicles of up to 3 tons effortlessly. This is certainly the best value floor jack, by all standards and you should consider purchasing it.

Do you feel confused? How To Buy A Quality Floor jack For Your Vehicle Or Garage? I Think Already You know the quality of the car jack is one that meets some threshold. we will review different floor jacks to help you make an informed decision when buying a best brand floor jack.

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