Best Lightweight Floor Jack Reviews To Buy Right Now

lightweight floor jackThe choice of the best lightweight floor jack can be quite demanding. There are so many factors to consider, leave alone the various brands and models that have flooded the market. Ideally, it would be great to have a floor jack that you can easily move around, without failing in its performance. With the various floor jack reviews, you can be able to tell the weight of a floor jack and the lifting capacity that it has.

In most cases, the weight of the floor jack does not necessarily mean that it cannot be used for heavy duty tasks. You cannot gamble with the type of floor jack that you buy, since it may end up causing serious damage to the person underneath the car. With this guide, you will certainly be able to get the best floor jack for the money. This will not only help you lift heavy loads but also ensure that you are enjoying maximum safety.

What’s The Best Lightweight Floor Jack in 2018?

If you have attempted to shop for a floor jack, you will agree that the process can be so confusing. There so many models and brands, with each claiming to be the best lightweight floor jack. We have reviewed a number of models below and we do hope that this can help you compare various floor jacks for sale so that you can buy the best one.

Our Top Pick 5 Best Lightweight Jack Comparison Chart

best floor jack reviews
best floor jack reviews
best floor jack reviews
best floor jack reviews
best floor jack reviews

Liftmaster Hydraulic Trolley Floor Jack 2 Ton Heavy Duty Car Lift

Lightweight Floor Jack

The Liftmaster floor jack is a 2 ton floor jack, which is commonly used for heavy duty tasks. Being a hydraulic jack, the process of lifting loads is pretty easy and will not cause you to strain. It is lightweight but is constructed of the high quality material, which makes it sturdy.

The 2 ton car jack is well coated with an impressive finish, which makes it rust free and scratch resistant. The floor jack will last for a very long period of time and this is what makes it the best floor jack. You will use it for a very long period of time without any problems.

This floor jack has a saddle which is padded so as to prevent any damage to the frame of the vehicle. In addition to this, the rubber padding will enhance the contact with the load and as such, there is a very slim chance of the floor jack slipping when in use.

With the minimum height being 5 inches, this cannot be used on vehicles that have a low profile. The floor jack would be ideal for the vehicles that have a high ground clearance. It can raise the load all the way up to 13 inches high.

Liftmaster Hydraulic Trolley Floor Jack Features

  • The Liftmaster floor jack comes with a saddle that swivels to 360 degrees to ensure the load contact is steady.
  • Due to its lightweight, it is easy to position and maneuvers the floor jack. The rear wheels swivel, which makes it easier to move the floor jack around.
  • The rust and scratch resistant coat prolong the life of this floor jack, making it a worthwhile investment.
  • Being a 2 ton car jack, it means that it can support loads of up to 2 tons.
  • The minimum height is 5 inches, while the maximum height range is 13 inches.

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NOS NSJ0301 3-Ton Aluminum Service Jack

lightweight floor jack

NOS NSJ0301 is a 3 ton aluminum jack, with a height range of 3.75 to 18.25 inches. With an ultra-lightweight aluminum construction, this jack weight is only 58 pounds. However, due to the sturdy construction, you can fully trust its strength and capacity to handle the specified weight.

It comes with a dual pump that will facilitate rapid lifting and the safety valve is a device that prevents overloading. This is somewhat a safety feature, which will prolong the life of the floor jack and enhance protection on your part. In addition to being lightweight, there are side handles, which you can use to move the floor jack around, without much difficulty.

The universal joint mechanism on this lightweight 3 ton floor jack will enhance the precision of load control. The side handles can be used for easier movement and transport of the floor jack. Based on the numerous floor jack reviews across the board, this is one of the best lightweight floor jack that you can have.

The floor jack has a functional saddle that is rubber padded and the handle also comes with a foam bumper. All these are safety features, which are meant to protect the vehicle as well as the user of the floor jack. The padding will keep the frame of the vehicle free of any scratches and also keeps the jack intact at all times.

NOS 3 Ton Aluminum Service Jack Features

  • This 3 ton aluminum floor jack has the capacity to lift tops of up to 6,000 pounds, which is quite effective for most vehicles.
  • The light weight of 58 pounds is attributable to the ultra-lightweight aluminum construction, but this does not compromise the stability of this floor jack.
  • With the foam bumper handle, the vehicle frame will protect from any form of damage.
  • There are side handles which can be used to transport and carry this 3 ton aluminum jack with ease and place it anywhere that you would prefer so as to support the load.
  • With the safety valve on this floor jack, there will be no cases of overloading it beyond the given capacity. If your vehicle is more than 3 tons, it would be advisable to find a floor jack with a higher capacity.

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Powerzone 380044 3 Ton Aluminum and Steel Garage Jack

Best lightweight Aluminum floor jack

Powerzone floor jack is made of heavy duty steel and aluminum, which makes it lightweight and easy to move around. Being a 3 ton aluminum floor jack, it has the capacity to support loads of up 3 tons. It has a quick lifting mechanism, which will save you so much time as it will get to the maximum height after a few pumps, making it effective.

Being made of heavy duty steel and aluminum, you can be assured of its longevity and you will not have any regrets investing in this particular floor jack. The lifting range is from 4 to 18 ¼ inches, which makes it ideal for the small to medium size vehicles.

The rubber padded saddle is meant to protect the frame of the vehicle when it is being jacked up. This 3 ton garage jack has rear swivel casters, which will enhance the positioning and stability of the floor jack, even on rough surfaces.

With a capacity rating of 3 tons, the floor jack has a safety valve, which is meant to protect the floor jack from being overloaded. This is an effective safety measure, as it will not only prolong the life of the floor jack but also enhance your safety as the floor jack will only work with the required load.

Powerzone 3 Ton Aluminum and Steel Garage Jack Features

  • The Powerzone floor jack has a rated capacity of 3 tons, which is equivalent to 6,000 pounds.
  • The lifting range on this model is from 4 inches to 18 ¼, which is quite convenient for most vehicle models.
  • This is a durable floor jack since it is made of heavy duty steel and aluminum, making it the best floor jack for the money.
  • The rubber padded saddle will support the load and protect the frame of the vehicle.
  • There is a quick lifting system, which has a safety valve to prevent the overloading of the floor jack.

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Performance Tool W1630 1.5 Ton Aluminum Floor

lightweight floor jack reviews

The Performance Tool jack is an lightweight aluminum floor jack that has the capacity to lift loads of up to 3,000 pounds, which is equivalent to 1.5 tons. Due to the versatile features, you will only need 3 pumps to get to the maximum height of 17 ½ inches, which is quite impressive. This will minimize the amount of effort that you will put in when lifting your loads, using this floor jack.

The overload bypass valve is meant to protect the 1.5 ton floor jack from lifting loads beyond the rated capacity. The saddle can swivel to 360 degrees and has a rubber cushion to protect the frame of the vehicle. This will also prevent any slippage when the jack is supporting the load, as the rubber padding enhances the contact with the load.

The swivel wheels at the back will make it easier to position this floor jack and also boost the stability when using this floor jack. The fact that the overall construction is made using aircraft grade aluminum is an assurance that you can rely on the stability of this floor jack, to a great extent.

Performance Tool 1.5 Ton Aluminum Floor Features

  • The Performance Tool jack has a lift range of 3 5/8 to 17 ½ inches, supporting loads of 1.5 tons. This makes it an ideal floor jack for small cars, which do not weigh more than 3,000 pounds.
  • The swivel saddle has a rubber cushion, which will protect the frame of the vehicle end enhance the contact.
  • It has a fast rising mechanism, taking only 3 pumps to get to the maximum height.
  • Being made from aircraft grade aluminum, this model is lightweight and easy to move around, yet it is quite sturdy and will support the load that it lifts, without much difficulty.
  • The overload bypass ensures that the 1.5 ton lightweight floor jack is not subjected to lifting loads that are beyond capacity.

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JEGS Performance Products 80006 Professional Low-Profile Aluminum Floor Jack

low profile lightweight floor jack

If you are looking for a low profile aluminum floor jack, then this is the best floor jack for the money. The design is inspired by the Sprint Cup’s pit jacks. The minimum height of 3 ½ inches is what makes it an ideal low profile floor jack. You will be able to slip it below low profile vehicles, without much difficulty.

This is a 2 ton floor jack, which means that it can support loads of up to 4,000 pounds. It has a rubber padded saddle, which rotates 360 degrees, making it quite useful and convenient. As such, positioning the floor jack is much easier. You would not need to keep pushing the floor jack back and forth to get the right angle, you will just turn the saddle to the desired position.

The two piece handle is also ideal and will give you the right height to prevent excessive bending when using the floor jack. The handle will be assembled pretty fast since it is not complicated. This is also a great advantage when it comes to the storage, as it will not take too much space.

JEGS Performance Professional Low Profile Aluminum Floor Jack Features

  • It has a lifting capacity of 2 tons and is ideal for vehicles that have a low clearance.
  • The ground clearance of 3 ½ inches makes it an ideal low profile floor jack, as it can be placed under vehicles with low frames, without a problem.
  • The 2-piece handle is easy to snap together and has a knurled grip area, which will enhance the grip and boost the stability when using this floor jack.
  • The saddle rotates 360 degrees and has a rubber cushion to prevent marring of the vehicle’s frame and components. This will also enhance your safety as it will ensure that the jack does not slip when in use.

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Things Should Be Consider When Buying A Floor Jack?

Finding the best floor jack is quite important and besides the floor jack reviews, there are other considerations that can help you make an informed decision. You should make every effort to ensure that you have found the ideal floor jack that suits your needs, perfectly. Here are some of the critical factors to consider when choosing the ideal lightweight floor jack.

  • Capacity Rating:

It is prudent to establish the maximum weight capacity that the floor jack can handle. You need to be sure of the weight of your vehicle before going out to shop for the floor jacks for sale. Do not overload the floor jack beyond its capacity.

  • Material Used:

The quality lightweight auto jack is one made of aluminum since aluminum is very light, yet pretty strong. You should stay clear of floor jacks that have so many plastic components, as that implies they may not last very long.

  • Minimum Height:

Another essential consideration when shopping for the lightweight aluminum floor jack is the minimum height. This allows you to tell if you can use the floor jack as a low profile floor jack, or not.

  • Maximum Height:

It is advisable to consider how high the floor jack can rise, with most experts recommending floor jacks that are 18 to 20 inches, as far as the maximum height goes. When you look at the various floor jack for sale, they will have the minimum and maximum height rated.

  • Pumping Speed:

In order to find the best floor jack for the money, you should also factor in the amount of time and effort it takes you to lift any load. Most of the modern models come with rapid pumping mechanisms, which, in most cases, are supported by the dual pump system.

  • If you are looking for more information about “How to Choose the Best Floor Jack” go here

How to Properly Use a Floor Jack?

There are numerous floor jacks for sale on the market. However, irrespective of the model that you choose to buy, proper usage of the lightweight is imperative. You should be keen on your safety at all time. Here are some pointers to enhance your safety when using the best floor jack:

  • Have jack stands to support the load that you are lifting with your floor jack. Even if you have the best lightweight vehicle jack, you should note that it is prone to failure and you would not want to be a victim. Never go underneath a vehicle unless you have placed jack stands in the right position to support the load.
  • When lifting your vehicle with a floor jack, always ensure that it is on leveled ground. This will enhance the stability of the floor jack as well as the jack stands that you are using. Do not try to jack up your vehicle on a terrain that is uneven, as this will compromise the stability of the vehicle being lifted.
  • It is advisable to pump the jack in slow motions when raising it so that you can monitor any unusual behavior or defect. The same applies to when lowering your floor jack. Do it is slowly and check for any signs of malfunction so that corrective measures can be taken.
  • There are specific jack points on each model of the vehicle, which should be used so as to ensure that there are no incidents that happen. Some floor jack reviews will go as far as indicating some of the common jacking points for different vehicle models. If you are not sure, check the vehicle’s manual so that you can place your jack in the right place.

Even if you have bought the best floor jack, you should follow the guide above so as to ensure that you are making use of it, in the right manner. You should never compromise your safety when working with a floor jack.

Final Recommendation:

As you may have realized, there is so much that goes into finding the ideal lightweight floor jack. However, we hope this guide will make the process much easier for you. From the floor jack we reviewed, we advocate for the NOS NSJ0301 3-Ton Aluminum Service Jack. This model is pretty light and has the capacity to lift up to 3 tons of load. If you have found this article helpful, please do not hesitate to share it with your friends and loved ones and also leave a comment below.

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