Best Jack Stand Reviews To Buy Right Now 2018

best jack standIf you are a home mechanic, you would need to look for the best jack stand which you can find. This will make the process of rotating tires and work on the other components underneath the vehicle easier. Ideally, jack stands come as sets of two and you would need to be keen on the height and lifting capacity of each set. However, the process of choosing the jack stands for sale can be quite demanding.

For a first-timer, you might be confused on some of the critical aspects of high lift jack stands and even how the work. Generally, it is worth noting that the jack stands will be required to lift a specific part of the car at the time. So you may not need to get 12 ton jacks as a 3 ton pair can serve the purpose. Car lift stands are the investment and you should look at the durability as well. In order to be able to make an informed decision, we have come up with this guide, which will help you get the ideal jack stands.

Which is the Best Jack Stand?

There are tons of car jack stands on the market, which may confuse an ordinary customer. In a bid to make this easier, here is a review of some of the best model of jack stands, which you may want to consider buying.

Our Top Pick 5 Jack Stands Comparison Chart

Hein-Werner HW93506 Blue/Yellow Jack Stands, 6 Ton Capacity (Set of 2)

best jack standYou must have heard professional mechanics claiming that the best jack stand is one that is made in the USA. If that is the one you are looking for, the Hein-Weiner would be a perfect choice. These set of 6 ton jack stands are designed in such a manner that they can handle the average weight of vehicles. When you examine this high lift jack stands, you will realize that the top part is curved, which will enhance their stability.

The base of the jack stands has a triangular stand, which reinforces the stands and makes them quite stable. This would be ideal for surfaces that seem to succumb to pressure. The adjustable ratchet on the jack stands for sale will allow you to lift the jack stands from 16 ¼ inches to 25 ¾ inches. This is higher than what most of the other models on the market have to offer. Inasmuch as it seems to be more costly than other models, it is definitely worth the price.

The blue and yellow finish is quite impressive and remarkable. This is what makes this set of car lift stands to appeal to most people. There is no doubt that they are made of high quality material, which makes them ideal for vehicle support. When you look at the overall design, you will realize that it has been made with safety in mind and as such, you can easily trust the jack stands, when you need to work underneath the car.

The fact that these stands are made of formed steel frame makes them rather heavy, but on the flipside, this enhances their strength and stability. The multi-position ratchet bar allows you to position the jack stands in different positions conveniently. The dual purpose handle will be used to carry and position the jack stands with much ease.

Hein Werner Blue/Yellow Jack Stands Features

  • The 6 ton jack stands are made of formed steel frame, which enhances the overall safety of the jack stands, when in use.
  • With the Hein-Weiner car jack stands, you will get extra strength and durability, thanks to the multi position ratchet bar.
  • There is a dual purpose handle which will be used as the saddle column release as well as a carry handle.
  • The jack stands have a lifting range of 16 ¼ to 25 ¾ inches, which is quite convenient and gives you sufficient room to access the underside of the vehicle.
  • There is a folded metal footing at the base of the jack stands and this will uniformly distribute the weight, which enhance the overall support and stability.

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OTC 1780 Jack Stand – 1 Pair

best jack standsThe OTC 1780 jack stand is the best jack stand in so many ways. This is a 22 ton pair of jack stands that has been designed with all the safety measures in mind. As such, these set of car lift stands meets all the requirements of ASME/PALD, which regulate all the lifting equipment. This means that they have passed the basic measurements and this is an assurance of safety that you can actually trust this jack stands without too much worry.

The flat base is strategically designed such that you can rest assured that it will not sink into surfaces that are not firm enough. What makes this jack stands ideal is the fact that they have a very large saddle, with dimensions of 3 by 3 ¾ inches. In addition to this, you can actually adjust the jack stands such that they will rise in 3 inch increments, which makes them suitable for various types of floor jack stands.

The OTC jack stands have a square base, which comes with the option of being locked into 3 different positions, which will enhance your convenience. There are so many reasons why this is considered to be the best jack stand, especially the fact that they have a base height of 12 inches. The steel construction is also a huge plus as this makes them strong and sturdy. You can use them for RVs as well as larger trucks and they will not twist or break.

You will enjoy 3 different height settings when you opt for these car jack stands. The pin style non-ratchet style has 3 different positions, which add to the convenience that you will get when you buy these jack stands. Investing in these pair of jack stands for sale would be a good decision, which you will not regret.

OTC 1780 Jack Stand Features

  • The OTC jack stands come with a flat base, which is quite useful as it will prevent the jack stands from sinking, when in use.
  • You can trust these car jack stands because they meet and exceed all the ASME/PALD standards and regulations, which are set for the lifting equipment.
  • The OTC 1780 jack stand has the capacity to lift loads of up to 22 tons, which is quite impressive. With this jack stand you can lift large trucks as well as the RVs.
  • You can adjust the saddle in 3 inch increments up to the point where you will achieve the preferred height.
  • The jack stand features a pin style non ratchet, which has 3 positions, adding to the convenience that you will get.

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Torin T41202 Jack Stands – 12 Ton, 1 pair

Car lift standsThe Torin jack stands are known to be of exceptional quality and come with all the features to make them the best jack stand. The Torin 12 ton jack stand comes as a single pair and has the capacity to lift weights of up to 12 tons. This jack stand comes with a double locking pawl plus a tooth design. These are the features that enhance the overall protection and safety when you need to support your vehicle with these car lift stands.

These heavy duty jack stands have a one piece multi position ductile ratchet bar and this will provide exceptional durability and strength. When you need to use these jack stands, you will enjoy the safety measures as it has a quick adjustment which will lock the mechanism in a secure manner into the preferred location. This will give you assured safety and you will be able to slide under the car without any doubts.

The steel construction is an added advantage as it will last for a very long time without getting damaged. These jack stands for sale have a very large saddle which ensures that the grip is steady and firm. As for the stability, the wider base will give the jack stands the stability that it requires. This is one of the jack stands which we have tested and confirmed that it is safe and reliable for use and as such, you consider having it as the best jack stand.

With all the amazing features of the Torin T41202, you will be amazed by the low price that it is availed at. It is cheaper than other similar models on the market, yet it has features that outshine the expensive models. The Y-shaped top will ensure that your load will stay intact when lifted, without shifting and this is a great assurance when it comes to the overall safety.

Torin T41202 Jack Stands Features

  • These heavy duty jack stands will come with all the features that you will need to lift loads of up to 12 tons.
  • Safety is a key thing when it comes to car jack stands and the double locking pawl on these stands is one of the features that will ensure that the stand is locked in place when in use.
  • The top center part of the Torin jack stands is Y-shaped, which will ensure that your load remains in place when you are working on the underside of the vehicle.
  • The quick adjustment mechanism allows you to position the jack stands in your desired position, without much of a struggle.
  • The one piece multi position ductile ratchet bar will enhance the longevity and overall construction of the floor jack.

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Omega 32126 Magic Lift Black Jack Stand – 12 Ton Capacity

best jack stand reviewsThe Omega jack stands are known for the features that ensure that you get the extra safety when you are working on the vehicle. One of the most incredible features in this model is the fact that it is self-rising, which sets apart from the other jack stands on the market. This is made possible by a patented technology which allows the jack stands to raise the ratchet bar automatically, to load. This is done easily by simply lifting the handle of the jack stands.

The welded steel construction of the frame cannot go unmentioned as it will give the high lift jack stands the stability and strength that they need to support loads. The stand has a one piece ductile ratchet bar, which is made of iron. This will grant you the capability to enjoy multi position and also enhances the stability. There is a weighted pawl on these heavy duty jack stands which allows you to lock the ratchet bar in a secure manner.

The overall performance of this jack stand is quite impressive as it makes the whole operation smooth and easy. This pair of jack stands for sale will be able to lift loads of up to 12 tons without any difficulty. The weight capacity of a jack stand is one of the main factors to consider when shopping around for a jack stand. It has an overall weight of 82 ½ pounds, which makes it heavy and sturdy.

The minimum height for this jack stands is 19 ¾ inches, while the maximum reach height is 30 ¼ inches. The base is wide enough and this will give the stands the stability and rigidity that they need, when in use. If you are looking for a high quality jack stand with some lifting magic, then you should go for Omega.

Omega 32126 Magic Lift Black Jack Stand Features

  • Omega jack stands are known to work like magic as they come with a patented technology that automatically raises the ratchet bar to load.
  • The counter weighted pawl is quite instrumental in the overall safety as it will lock the ratchet bar safely in the desired place.
  • The lift handle and ratchet arm on this heavy duty jack stands will rise automatically, which makes the overall operation smooth and easy.
  • One of the greatest benefits is the fact that this is made of welded steel construction. This makes it sturdy and durable, increasing the reliability.
  • The ratchet bar is made of ductile iron and is one piece, but with a multi position capability.

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Sunex 1310 10-Ton Medium Height Pin Type Jack Stands, Pair

best jack standThese Sunex jack stands have the capacity to lift up to 10 tons of weight. This is a medium height pin type jack stand and has the standard four legs as the base. The legs are made of high quality steel and this is meant to provide exceptional support when using the jack stands. As for the top, it is made of superior schedule pipe, which goes a long way to enhance the strength and durability of these jack stand for sale.

The multiple hole locations are some of the features which make this to be considered as the best jack stand. These are on the tube support and will make it easier to use the pin facilitated height adjustment. This makes it fairly easy to use the jack stands and enhances the overall safety. The adjustment pin is securely attached to the stand and this will prevent any loss when you are using the jack stand. A good number of professional mechanics highly recommend this model of high lift jack stands.

The stands come with an extra-large saddle which provides exceptional leg support when using the jack stands. This will make it easier to position the jack stand under the frame of the vehicle. Since it comes as a pair, it is highly recommended for the use of trailers, trucks, RVs and any other load that you may need to lift. The base is flat and has telescopic tubes to give the jack stands the stability they need.

The saddle is modified and V-shaped so as to be able to cradle under the axles of the vehicles to provide great support without wavering. This is the main reason why you will be confident when working under the vehicle, with these jack stands supporting your load.

Sunex 1310 Medium Height Pin Type Jack Stands Features

  • This is one set of car lift stands that has been built to last, considering all the materials that are used are of high quality.
  • This comes with a steel base that has 4 legs and contains telescopic tubes to make it firm and stable when supporting the load.
  • The large saddle with locating lugs support will be easy to position under the frame of the vehicle.
  • The Sunex jack stands have multiple-hole location inside the support tube and this will make the pin style height adjustment fast and easy.
  • The height adjustment pin is attached to the stand so as to prevent any cases of misplacing and losing it.
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    OTC 1582 2-Ton Aluminum Jack Stand – Pair

    best jack stand

    The OTC 2- ton aluminum jack stands are suitable and preferred by most people. This is mainly due to the fact that they come with tons of features, which are suitable for most car owners and home mechanics. This comes as a pair of jack stands for sale and is made of aircraft grade aluminum. This makes it very strong and durable and can be used to support your vehicle in various instances.

    This is the best jack stand in that is only weighs 11 pounds, which makes it easier to carry the stands around. The minimum height is 10 ¼ inches and can rise all the way to the maximum height of 15 ¼ inches. This gives you sufficient room to access the components on the underside of the vehicle. With these pair of stands, you can rest assured that you will get the support that you would need for your vehicle.

    The jack stand has a pin which is used to adjust the height of the jack stands. This pin is attached to the stand and as such, you can hardly lose it when not in use. This allows you to adjust the stands in different heights. The wider base of the jack stands gives them the stability that they required to be able to support any load which is placed on them, without caving in.

    With the combination of the two jack stands, you will be able to work on your car without any problems. If this is your first time to look for car jack stands, then you should give this a serious thought. You can rest assured that you are well covered when underneath any vehicle that is supported by these set of jack stands.

    OTC Aluminum Jack Stand Features

    • These aluminum jack stands are made of aircraft-grade aluminum and this makes them strong and durable.
    • In addition to being strong, the aluminum makes them quite light and portable as they only weigh 11 pounds.
    • With this jack stands for sale, you can lift loads of up 2 tons without any difficulty
    • The minimum height is 10 ¼ inches, while the maximum height with is 15 ¼ inches.
    • There is a pin lever which is used to adjust the height of the jack stands, according to your preference. This pin is hard to lose as it is attached to the stands.

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    How to Buy a Quality Jack Stand?

    Jack stands are critical when you need to raise your car off the ground. Even if you have the best floor jack, you need to use the car lift stands to support the vehicle. Based on the benefits that jack stands for sale bring, there are a number of factors, which you should bear in mind so as to find the best jack stands.

    Here are the things to keep in mind:

    • Weight Capacity: Before going for any of the car jack stands, you should check the weight rating so as to get the one that will serve your needs in the best way possible. The weight rating refers to the maximum capacity that they can hold, without wobbling or succumbing to the weight. You should be very clear on the weight that you want to support with the jack stands.
    • Overall Construction: Think of the jack stands as an investment that you will not buy every other day. As such, you need to be keen on the construction material used. Some of the best models on the market are made of steel or aluminum. The ones made of aluminum are quite expensive as they do not rust and are pretty light to carry around. They are also not prone to rust and will last for a very long period of time.
    • The Locking Mechanism: There are quite a number of lock designs when it comes to the jack stands. Most of them come with the lever or ratchet style of locking, but there are also those that the pin style of locking. From our observation and testing, the pin locks seem to be better and more stable, but this does not mean that you cannot use the ratchet type of locks. In fact, most of the top rated jack stands use the lever or ratchet type of lock.
    • The width of the Base: This is an essential consideration when it comes to jack stands. When a stand has a wider base, it means that it will have more stability. You should consider the models that have pyramid shape since the base is automatically wider than usual. However, in the market, there is some modern jack stand that has octagonal bases, in most cases the piston style jack stands.
    • Lifting Range: Consider the minimum height of the jack stand and how high it can go, without compromising on your safety. You should consider the frame of the vehicle so that you can find a jack stand with the capacity to lift the vehicle to an adequate height so that you can get good access to the underside of the vehicle.

    How To Lift a Car With A Jack Stands?

    With so many models of jack stands for sale, one may be excited to find one that serves their needs in the best way possible. However, the proper use of the jack stands is quite critical as this is the only way that you can make the most of it. Here is a basic guide to help you use the best jack stand safely:

    • Find a Levelled Surface: When you want to lift your vehicle, you should ensure that you are on a flat surface. Any attempts to lift a vehicle on inclined terrains spells great danger.
    • Refer to the Car Manual: The owner’s manual for the vehicle will provide relevant information that will help you use the jack stands effectively.
    • Check the Weight Rating: Take keen notice of the curb weight of the vehicle before using the jack stands to support it. Every jack stand will have a weight rating, which you can check to ensure that it is safe for your vehicle. The weight is usually on the door plate and if not, check the owner’s manual.
    • Ensure Vehicle is on Parking Brake: This is a safety precaution so as to prevent the vehicle from rolling when it is suspended in the air. In addition to the parking brake, you should also ensure that the when chocks are placed on all the wheel in the opposite direction to the part that you are lifting.
    • Lift the Car with a Floor Jack: Use a floor jack, preferably the hydraulic jack to lift your car. When using the jack, ensure that it is on a solid surface so to prevent it from sinking into the ground.
    • Place the Jack Stand: While referring to the owner’s manual, place the car jack stands under the vehicle and ensure the surface is solid. The jack stand should not be placed under a moving part like the suspension.
    • Remove the Floor Jack: Lower the floor jack such that the vehicle will rest on the jack stand. You should ensure that you are using two similar jacks so as to achieve perfect balance. Once the vehicle has rested on the jack stands, you can remove the floor jack completely. This means that the vehicle will fully be supported by the jack stands and not the floor jack.
    • Testing High Light Jack Stands: Before going underneath the vehicle, you need to be sure that the vehicle is stable. Push the vehicle slightly to check if it will move or shake. Check all sides and if there is any movement, you should adjust the jack stands until the vehicle is absolutely rigid.
    • Enhance Safety: Once the vehicle is suspended in the air, you need to find other objects that will enhance your safety. You can slip solid objects under the vehicle as a backup, in the event that the jack stands would collapse. You can use wood blocks, the spare tire and any other items that you may find useful to protect you against any accidents.

    Once you have purchased your Best jack stands, you should consider this guide so as to make sure that you are using the jack stands as required. Even if you were to get the most advanced jack stand on the market, you would need to take the necessary precaution when using the jack stand.

    Final Recommendation:

    As you have seen, there are so many different types of jack stands that you can buy. Every manufacturer claims that they have the best and most reliable high lift jack stands. However, we have provided some parameters which you can use to ensure that you purchase the best floor jack stands. From the models that we reviewed above, we highly recommend the OTC 1582 2-Ton Aluminum Jack Stand – Pair. This is a set of jack stands that will serve the purpose effectively, without any issues.

    If you have found this article useful, please feel free to drop your feedback below. You can also share the article with friends and loved ones who are looking for jack stands for sale.

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