Top 10 Common Car Problems And Solutions

Having a car is a great thing, as it is a necessity. However, there are various problems that may affect your car. Here are the solutions that you can explore.

Having a car is no longer a luxury, but a necessity, to a very great extent. There are so many things that you would need a car, in the day to day life. However, cars are mechanical machines and as such, they are prone to fail at one point or another. There are so many problems that car owners face and this may be at a time when you least expect it.  When you have a new car, the problems do not seem to be too many, but as the car start to age, it becomes more problematic.

list of major car problems, causes and solutions

Here are the top 10 common problems that can affect your car, with the relevant solutions to help you deal with the issue.

1: Problem: Faulty Battery:

The car battery is one of the main sources of power that the car depends on so as to be able to function properly. The batteries that are used in cars are made of acid or lead and as such, their life span is about 5 years. Some of the common issues that affect these batteries include clamp connections as well as the failure of the terminals.

Solution: To be able to keep the battery in great shape, you can use lubricants on the terminals, which protects them against corrosion. Ultimately, you may want to consider the maintenance-free batteries, which are more advanced and will serve you for a very long period of time, without so many issues. Such batteries are easy to jump start and recharge, which makes them a convenient solution to battery problems.

2: Problem: Flat Tire or Damaged Wheels:

When you have the right tires, driving is safe and more effective. However, the terrains that we drive on can affect and damage the tires in our vehicles to a great extent. Even if you are a careful driver, tires will start wearing off after a while and this will even be rapid if the wheels are not aligned. If your tires are damaged, this poses a whole lot of danger, when you are on the road.

Solution: It is almost impossible to predict when you will get a flat tire. As such, you should always have a spare wheel in your car, when traveling. This is irrespective of the distance that you will be driving. In addition, ensure that you have all the tools for changing a tire like a wrench, floor jack and jack stands. It is advisable to always consult the tire experts so that they can advise on the condition of your tires.

3: Problem: Car Lock Out:

Being locked out of your car is one of the most devastating things that can happen to you. This can happen in various ways, with the most common being misplacing your car keys or leaving them inside the car, and the car locks itself automatically. This can be quite frustrating, especially when you are in a hurry.

Solution: You should consider having an extra set of car keys always as this can come in handy at such times. In addition to this, you should also note the identity of your car keys as this would make it easier to get a replacement expeditiously.

4: Problem: Faulty Alarms:

Having a security system in your car is quite essential and will give your peace of mind to know that your car is safe at all times. However, due to their sophistication, these systems can be a source of problems as the alarms and immobilizers can cause so much inconvenience. The alarms are usually too loud and this may end up being irritating.

Solution: When installing the security systems, you should ensure that you fully understand how it works and also learn how to deactivate it. As such, when there is a problem, you can easily disengage the alarm as you wait for the experts to come and rectify the problem.

5: Problem: Damaged Alternator:

The alternator or generator is responsible for charging the battery and ensuring the engine is powered. When the alternator fails to work, this will result in constant problems with the battery, causing to die often. Even when the car is jump started, the alternator will not facilitate the recharge of the battery. One of the common causes of the failure of the alternator is when there is a rapid increase of the engine temperature.

Solution: To be able to tame this, you should always ensure that your car has sufficient fluids like water in the radiator and also having a coolant. Regular car servicing will also help in keeping the alternator is great shape.

6: Problem: Failed Motor Starter:

The starter in your car is very sensitive and there are a couple of things that may hinder its normal functioning. There common problem that may cause the starter to malfunction include the springs failing as a result of corrosion. There terminals and the solenoid may also fail due to various reasons. The gears that are part of the starter may also get stuck on the sliding shaft.

Solution: The ideal solution for the starter is routine maintenance and servicing. This will help in getting rid of the corrosion and also lubricate the gears that may get stuck. If the motor starter keeps failing, then it might be a good option to consider buying a new one so as to prevent frequent problems with the starter.

7: Problem: Having Problems with Fuel:

The car relies on gas to be able to run the engine and as such, you can hardly do anything if there are fuel problems. When the fuel tank has a problem, this could spell a great danger for your car. Other problems with the fuel may be as a result of faulty injectors, leaking pipes, broken carburetor and leaking fuel tanks.

Solution: Most of the fuel issues can be solved easily by fixing the pipes and the fuel tank. You should allow a professional mechanic to check the injectors and other components of the fuel pumps so as to fix the issues that may arise. Through regular maintenance and servicing of the fuel system, you will be able to catch most of these issues in good time.

8: Problem:  Dents of the Car Body:

There are quite a number of road accidents, in different magnitudes. You may be a victim of such incidents and this may leave your vehicle damaged due to the collision. The finish of the car will be affected significantly and as such, the overall appearance of the vehicle is marred. Even if you are the careful driver, you may be hit by other vehicles and as such, it is almost impossible to take full control on road issues.

Solution: When you have a dent or even a crack on your windshield, the best thing to do is go to a repair shop, right away. Most of these damages to the car will aggravate when not attended to as soon as they happen. It is important to also take precaution when you are driving on the road.

9: Problem: Faulty Electricals:

Just like any other wires, the cables and wires that are used on vehicles for the electrical components may also break down, due to wear and tear. This may also apply to the clutch cable, which may tear and cause serious problems to the normal functioning of the vehicle. The electrical cables are used for the lights, wipers, horn, a/c, radio and windows among others.

Solution: The best solution to resolve cable and wire problems is by repairs. However, this may not be a permanent solution and as such, you should consider buying a new cable altogether so as to avoid more problems in the future.

10: Problem: Faulty Spark Plug:

The spark plugs are essential for ignition and seem to be quite busy. When the spark plugs are not work properly, they tend to affect the overall performance of the car. The car will consume a whole lot of fuel and will not have the required power if the plugs are worn out.

Solution: Part of the service and maintenance is to ensure that the spark plugs are replaced as soon as they wear out. The recommend replacement time is after every 10,000 miles. A mechanic will be better placed to inform you if the spark plugs need to be replaced.

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