How to keep proper maintenance of Floor Jack?

A floor jack is one of the most useful pieces of equipment that you can have in your garage. Anytime you need to get access to the components that are on the underside of the vehicle, the floor jack will come into play.

However, being a mechanical device, for the floor jack to keep functioning properly, you would need to maintain it. Proper maintenance of the floor jack has a wide range of benefits and this will cause the floor jack to last for a very long period of time, proving quality and reliable service.

Irrespective of the type of floor jack that you have purchased, the longevity and efficiency heavily relies on the regular maintenance carried out. In as much as there is the common wear and tear, like any other equipment, when you learn how to take care of your floor jack, you will reduce the wear and tear and extends its life.

With the simple processes like cleaning and lubricating the floor jack, you should be able to accomplish much. The major maintenance will only be necessary once or twice a year, depending on the condition of the floor jack.

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How to Properly Maintain Your Floor Jack?

Below are some practical tips that will allow you to maintain your floor jack properly, by yourself.

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Regular Inspections:

Inspecting your floor jack is one of the most essential things, which you should do, often. As a matter of fact, every time before and after using the floor jack, you should inspect it so as to ensure that all the components are working as required.

It is important to go round the floor jack and take not of any defects like cracks or dents on the frame of the jack. Cracks are quite dangerous and indicate that the floor jack is wearing out. If you notice these before using the floor jack, you should make a point of having that fixed, before using it.

The other necessary thing to check, during the frequent inspections is any traces of leaks of the hydraulic oil. If the fluid has been leaking, there is a very high possibility that it may cause serious problems on the floor jack. Also check if the hydraulic oil contaminated and replace it right away.

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Clean the Jack:

Make a point of ensuring that the floor jack is always clean at any given time. Even when carrying out maintenance tasks, you should start by wiping it down to keep it clean. When the floor jack is clean, it is easier to notice any form of defect on the frame and other parts of your floor jack.

Grease tends to attract a whole lot of dirt, and since floor jacks are lubricated using grease, you would expect them to be quite dirty. Once you have finished using the floor jack, make it a habit to wipe it down so as to store it when it is clean. This will make it easier to take it and use it the next time you need it.

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Refill the Hydraulic FluidThe floor jack is a mechanical device that have a number of moving parts. These parts are necessary for the proper functioning of your floor jack. To facilitate smooth operation, you should lubricate all these parts using grease.

Grease is far much better than oil since it keep spreading to the other parts of the jack when it is applied. Oil spills and causes a whole lot of mess and in addition to this, it does not spread, which leaves the internal parts dry, without any lubrication. It is advisable to apply grease once you have finished washing and drying the floor jack.

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Replace Hydraulic Oil:

how to refill the hydraulic oil in your floor jackHydraulic floor jack use oil, which is compressed and caused the floor jack to be able to lift the load effortlessly. The moment your oil goes below the required level, the floor jack seems to strain when lifting the load.

It is important to refill the hydraulic cylinder with oil and maintain it at the required level. If the oil is contaminated, this also affects the performance of your floor and jack and calls for immediate replacement.

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Bleeding the Cylinder:

If the lifting capabilities on your floor jack have been altered, you should consider bleeding the cylinder. This means that you will drain all the oil that is the floor jack and refill it with new hydraulic fluid. This is part of the routine maintenance that should be carried out periodically.

Once you have replaced the hydraulic fluid, you should bleed out the air in the cylinder. This takes just a few minutes and will correct the erratic movement of the floor jack. Failure to bleed out the air may result to serious problems in the future.

If you do not know how to bleed the cylinder, all you should do, is turn the pump level counter clockwise and then pump the floor jack. You should do about 30 strokes and then turn in back in the clockwise direction, as far as it can go and then release it. This will bleed out all the air that may be trapped in the hydraulic cylinder.

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Jack Proper Storage:

You may be doing everything in the right way, including cleaning, bleeding, changing the oil, but failing when it comes to the storage bit. The way you store your floor jack, will go a long way in determining how well if performs.

If you have a hydraulic floor jack, always ensure that it is stored in the upright position. This will prevent any cases of the hydraulic oil leaking and affecting the other pars. You should clean it and dry it before storing it. Ensure that all the pressure has been released and the detachable parts are detached.

The piston and the pump should always be retracted before storing the floor jack. Proper storage of the floor jack will relieve too much pressure and will make it easier to work with it the next time you need it.

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Floor Jack Maintenance Considerations:

Buying a floor jack should be regarded as a long term investment. As such, you should do everything in your capacity to ensure that your floor jack lasts for a very long time, while providing the required services efficiently.

Here are some essential things, which you should pay keen attention to, when it comes to proper maintenance of the floor jack:

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No Water in the Cylinder:

Even when you have to clean your floor jack, you should be careful when using water so that it does not get into the cylinder. In the unfortunate event that the water gets into the hydraulic cylinder, this will make it impossible for the floor jack to perform its functions as required.

The hydraulic fluid should not be contaminated in any way, as this would end up affecting the overall performance of the floor jack.

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Have a Maintenance Schedule:

floor jack Maintenance ScheduleConsistency will pay off in that your floor jack will work for a very long period of time. The only way that you can be consistent is by coming up with a timetable that you will stick to as far as the maintenance goes.

With a proper schedule, you will be able to clean the floor jack and this will prevent cases of dirt building up and affecting the floor jack. The random schedules may not be as effective as a having a schedule, since you may forget when the last maintenance was carried out.

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Maintenance Products Cost:

Floor jack Maintenance CostYou should factor in the amount of money that you would need to use at any given time for the maintenance. The hydraulic fluid and grease are some of the most common and frequently used products when carrying out maintenance on the floor jack.

There are so many fake products on the market and as such, you should conduct due diligence, and if possible find out from the manufacturer, where you can find quality products. Using the poor quality of products, will affect the overall performance of the jack.

These are the main factors that you should bear in mind when it comes to the maintenance of the floor jack. Bearing this in mind will save you a whole lot of trouble and enhance the longevity of your floor jack.

Ordinarily, when you take care of the floor jack, you can be sure that it will last for a very long period of time. In order for your floor jack to keep functioning properly, it will need proper maintenance.

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More often than not, the people who keep raising concerns that their floor jacks are not working are the ones who do not provide great care to their jacks. The beauty of it all is that the process of floor jack maintenance will only take a few minutes of your time. So even if you have a very demanding schedule, this is something which can be accomplished in between tasks.

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