Motorcycle Floor Jack Buyer Guide and Review

Do you own a motorcycle and need to carry out regular maintenance? Well, one of the things that you need to consider having is a motorcycle floor jack. This will help you in regular repairs and maintenance to keep your bike in great shape. The motorcycle jack will help you lift the motorbike and give you adequate access to all the parts of the bike. This will ensure that your bike is working and running as required at all times. If you have the confidence to carry out the service on your own, all you need is to find the best motorcycle jack.

While people may keep debating on the best motorbike to ride, one of the thing that everyone agrees on is having a good motorcycle lift. With so many different models on the market, you may not be conversant on the ideal floor jack to serve your motorcycle needs. Fortunately, we have done this guide for you. You will be able to understand the essence of motorcycle stand jacks and also be able to choose the right one for your garage.

Types of Motorcycle Floor Jack

Understanding the different types of motorcycle jacks is crucial in your search for the best motorcycle lift jack. Ideally, there are 2 main types of floor jacks that can be used on motorcycles:

  1. Scissor Jack
  2. Floor Jack
  • Scissor Jack

A scissor jack is quite common and is referred to as a screw jack by some people. This is cheaper and easier to use. It has 2 diagonal metals that are connected with hinges and a screw that connects the two sides of the metals. It has the shape of a scissor and this is where it derives its name from. When using this type of motorcycle floor jack, all you need to do is turn the screw using the spanner and this will bring the diagonal metals together, which lifts the load. This is a common ATV jack and most vehicle manufacturers offer it as a standard jack.

  • Floor Jack 

The second type is the floor jack, which is commonly known as a hydraulic jack. This type is a bit costly, but makes the work so much easier, thanks to the hydraulic mechanism. Ideally, it comes with a set of a small and a large piston. There is a pump that will apply force to the small piston, which is transferred to the large one using the hydraulic fluid. This will create a mechanical advantage and cause the floor jack to lift the load. Most professionals and bike enthusiasts prefer this type of motorcycle hydraulic lift, due to the versatile features that it carries, prefer the hydraulic motorcycle lift.

Our Top PIck Best Motorcycle Jack On The Market 2018

When you in search of a motorcycle lift jack, you will be faced with numerous options. There are many brands and models, which each one of them claiming to be the best. This can be quite confusing and this why we have narrowed down the search and reviewed some of the top rated motorcycle jacks on the market.

OTC 1545 Motorcycle Lift

motorcycle floor jackThe OTC 1545 motorcycle lift is one the best options that you will get on the market due to the versatile features that it carries. With a capacity to lift loads of a 1500 pounds, you cannot go wrong with this choice. It comes with a skid that is 17 inches longs and as such, you will be able to lift all the cruisers, including the large and wide bikes, without much difficulty. If you have a bike that as low profile design, then this would be the ideal motorcycle hydraulic lift. It has the minimum lift height 3 ½ inches, with the maximum height being 16 ¾ inches.

The OTC motorcycle lift comes with a removable handle, which is convenient as it will give you 360° access to your motorbike. In addition, there is a foot pedal release on the floor jack and this will give you so much convenience when you are operating the jack. There is an automatic safety lock that has been included to enhance your safety and that of the load that is being lifted. The locking rear casters are ideal for easier movement and position the floor jack when you intend to use it. As a way of enhancing safety, the motorcycle lift jack comes with 2 ratcheting tie-down straps.

OTC is known to be a reputable manufacturer of high quality floor jacks and the OTC 1545 is not any different. It has a double handed handle, which is quite long. As such, you will enjoy an easy and quick since the handle gives you additional leverage. The jack is quite rigid and stable and will last for a very long time. The functional hydraulic system is quite effective and makes it easier to operate this floor jack. All the features of this floor jack have been made to ensure maximum performance, without compromising on your safety. It is a worthwhile consideration as the best motorcycle jack.

OTC 1545 Motorcycle Lift Features

  • The OTC 1545 is a practical motorcycle floor jack as it has the capacity to lift 1500 pounds of load, without a problem.
  • The lifting range of this motorcycle table lift jack is 3 ½ to 16 ¾ inches. This is one of the floor jacks with the lowest levels, making it an ideal low profile floor jack.
  • The OTC 1545 motorcycle lift comes with 17 inch skids, which are long enough to lift wide and large bikes.
  • The double handed handle is removable and gives you 360 degrees access to your motorbike, while the safety is enhanced by the automatic safety lock.
  • There is a foot pedal release and locking rear casters on the OTC motorcycle lift jack, which are some of the amazing features that support the functionality of this floor jack.

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PowerZone 380047 1700 LB Hydraulic Motorcycle/ATV Jack

motorcycle liftThe PowerZone 380047 is one of the best options if you are looking for an ATV jack. It is quite powerful and effective in lifting the loads. This hydraulic motorcycle lift is known to have a lifting capacity of 1700 pounds, which accommodates most of the motorbikes that are on the market. As for the lifting range, this floor jack has a minimum height of 4 ½ inches, while the maximum height is 14 ½ inches. This means that you will be able to lift the motorcycle to your preferred height and get access to the underside components on the bike. This is one of the models of motorcycle jacks that is easy to assemble and use.

The foot pedal on the powerzone motorcycle jack will allow you to use the floor jack with the hand being free. As such, you will be able to support the bike with your hands, when pumping the pedal with your feet. When you are not using the floor jack, it collapses all the way down to the lowest height of 4 ½ inches. This will makes it easier to store it or even carry it in the trunk of your car. It is made of heavy duty steel and as such, you will not only get the strength you need but also enjoy the durability that the floor jack has to offer.

The T-shaped handle is removable and gives you a firm grip when you operating the motorcycle floor jack. The saddle on the floor jack is well padded with rub and as such, your bike will not be marred or scratched when it comes into contact with the floor jack. In addition to preventing damage to the motorbike, this also serves as a safety feature in that it will enhance the contact with the load and prevent any chances of the bike slipping. The safety valve has been fitted as a safety mechanism to prevent subjecting the motorcycle ATV jack to loads that exceed the rated capacity.

powerzone motorcycle jack Features

  • This motorcycle ATV jack has a lifting range of 4 ½ to 14 ½ inches, giving you adequate clearance.
  • It is made of premium grade steel, which gives you an assurance of ultimate strength and stability.
  • The T-handle grants you a firm grip and the adequate length will give you the leverage needed to making the lifting easier with the powerzone motorcycle jack.
  • The motorcycle jack has the capacity to lift loads of up to 17000 pounds.
  • There is a safety valve included on this hydraulic motorcycle lift, which prevents any overloading of the floor jack.

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Powerbuilt 620422E Heavy Duty 4000 lb Triple Lift Jack

motorcycle lift jackIf you are tight on a budget and need a good motorcycle jack, then you should consider this particular one. The Powerbuilt 4000 lb Triple Lift Jack is a durable floor jack and is quite sturdy due to the heavy duty construction. This floor jack has the capacity to support loads of up to 4000 pounds, due to its construction. It is made using high quality materials and this is what gives you the assurance of longevity and exceptional functionality. The good news is that when you have this floor jack, you can also use it for other tasks, besides lifting motorcycles.

The Powerbuilt triple lift comes with a patented design that makes it possible to remove the saddle that comes with padded lift rails. Due to this flexible design, you can use it on different types of bikes. There is a locking safety bar that gives the floor jack the stability that it needs to support your load. As such, you can have confidence when using the jack, and are assured of your safety. If you are searching for a functional motorcycle hydraulic lift jack, you should consider this one and you will not be disappointed in any way. This is a high quality jack and is quite affordable.

The saddle is well padded and as such, the frame of the bike will not be damaged in any way. In addition, the rubber padding will enhance the contact of the triple lift floor jack to a great extent. This is a safety measure to ensure that the floor jack does not slip when your motorcycle is raised. This is one of the floor jacks that prove that you do not have to spend a fortune to be able to get a high quality floor jack. This is an affordable jack and is quite versatile in terms of the features and the functionality that it offers.

Powerbuilt 4000 lb Triple Lift Jack Features

  • With an incredible capacity to lift 4000 pounds, this floor jack is one of a kind and should be considered as the top choice.
  • The overall construction of the Powerbuilt 4000 lb Triple Lift Jack is promising as it is made from high quality materials, which makes it sturdy and durable.
  • The motorcycle jack comes with a patented design that will make it possible to use it on different types of bikes as well as vehicles.
  • The Powerbuilt triple lift is a unique jack that has a removable saddle, supported by padded lift rails.
  • As far as stability goes, the triple lift floor jack comes with a locking safety bar. As such, when you hoist your bike for repairs and maintenance, this feature will ensure that the jack remains rigid.

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K&L Supply MC450 Center Jack 37-9841

best motorcycle jacksThe K&L motorcycle lift is one of the best motorcycle jacks that you can come across. It is made to give exceptional performance, under the toughest conditions. Most professionals and enthusiasts rate this as the best tool, which is quite efficient and does not compromise on the safety of the user. With a maximum capacity of 1100 pounds, you will be able to raise your bike without any problems. This is a hydraulic floor jack and it will make it easier to lift any load, within the given weight capacity. At the end of it all, you will end up saving a whole lot of time and energy when you need to carry out maintenance tasks.

The floor jack is designed in such a convenient manner for purposes of carrying and storing it. When you have tasks that involve fine-tuning your motorbike, then this motorcycle lift jack should be your top priority. It will give you adequate access to all the components of the bike. It comes with a minimum height of 3 ½ inches, which makes it ideal for the bikes that have a low profile design. The maximum height, on the other hand, is 13 inches, which is adequate for any type of repairs or maintenance tasks that you may wish to carry out.

It is advisable not to use impact or air guns when you are raising or lowering this floor jack for motorbikes. The base width of 14 inches enhances the stability of the floor jack when you are lifting your load. Due to the wide base, it will be stable and be able to hold the load without compromising your safety. This floor jack is made from high quality materials that will ensure that it lasts for a very long time and is able to support any load that it is subjected to. This is a worthwhile investment for anyone with a motorbike.

K&L motorcycle lift Features

  • The lifting range of this floor jack is 3 ½ to 13 inches. This is a good range since it can accommodate a wide range of motorbikes, with different profile designs.
  • The K&L motorcycle lift has a wide base that measures 14 inches, in width. This gives it excellent stability and the capacity to support loads properly.
  • This motorcycle floor jack has the capacity to support loads of up to 1100 pounds, which is quite impressive.
  • The ATV jack is specially designed to be used with motorbikes, UTVs as well as ATVs and as such, you can use it for various applications.
  • This is a professional floor jack that is made using high-quality material and as such, it will last for a very long time and withstand tough conditions.

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Pit Posse PP2551S Motorcycle Cycle Dirt Bike ATV Scissor Floor Jack Lift Center Stand With Wheels

motorcycle ATV jackHaving a motorcycle ATV jack is a remarkable achievement for most people. This is mainly due to the fact you can be able to use it for various tasks and not only lifting a motorcycle. The Pit Posse PP2551S is one such floor jack and it would be worth consideration. While this jack is designed as a scissor jack, it has a hydraulic lift mechanism, which makes it easier to use. It has wheels that will be used to move it around the garage and position it.

This motorcycle hydraulic lift jack is designed for quad bikes and the MX dirt bike and will be able to hoist them to a comfortable working height. There is a foot pedal, which will be used to pump the jack to be able to raise your load. The stand comes with an adjustable height with the minimum height being 13 inches, while the maximum is 36 inches from the ground. As such, you will have a good clearance off the ground to work on your bike at a comfortable height.

As far as safety goes, there are safety loops that are integrated on the ATV jack and this will give you an assurance of your safety. The safety pin also enhances the safety which is provided by the floor jack. It has a maximum capacity of 300 lbs and is constructed from heavy duty steel, making it strong and durable. The rubber top is oil and gas resistant, which will ensure that the load stays intact when hoisted. There is an exceptionally large drain hole on this floor jack.

Pit Posse PP2551S Motorcycle Cycle Floor Jack Features

  • This motorcycle floor jack has a foot pedal that will be used to lift the stand and it has an on/off knob for lowering the stand.
  • The motorcycle ATV jack is professionally made from heavy duty steel, which makes it strong and durable and can support up to 300 pounds of weight.
  • The stand has an adjustable height which ranges from 13 inches to 36 inches.
  • The safety pin and the safety loops are meant to stabilize the bike and ensure that it stays in place when you it is raised off the ground.
  • The ATV jack has a practical rubber top, which is resistant to gas and oil, enhancing your safety as it cannot slip.

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Pro380047 1700lbs Heavy Duty Hydraulic Motorcycle and ATV Jack

hydraulic motorcycle liftThe Pro380047 is a hydraulic motorcycle lift that has been crafted with a whole lot of considerations. The careful construction is what makes it possible for this floor jack to be able to lift bikes that weigh up to 1700 pounds, without a problem. Additionally, the unique construction is also an assurance of the longevity of this floor jack. You can use in tough conditions and it will still not cave in. Lifting heavy units is so much easier with this motorcycle lift.

Being a hydraulic floor jack, it comes with a powerful pump that will lift the stand and support your load. There is an automatic safety lock on this floor jack which will enhance your safety and that of your bike when you are lifting it off the ground. The pump on this floor jack is pumped using a foot pedal, which is quite convenient. As such your hands will be free to stabilize the motorbike and ensure that it is stable when you are raising it.

As far as the movement and navigation go, this is the best motorcycle lift and you will be able to move it around easily. It comes with 4 canisters and also has a pull handle that will give you the convenience you need to move it around. The rubber grip saddle will protect the motorcycle frame from being dented or damaged when using this motorcycle jack. You will not have problems storing the floor jack because it will collapse to 4 ½ inches. The handle can also be removed when not in use. This is the great consideration if you are looking for a good ATV jack.

Pro380047 Heavy Duty Motorcycle and ATV Jack Features

  • The heavy duty steel construction gives this floor jack the strength and durability that you will need.
  • The hydraulic motorcycle lift floor jack has a rated capacity of 1700 lbs.
  • The lifting range of this motorcycle floor jack is 4 ½ to 14 ½ inches. The minimum height that the jack collapse to makes it easier for storage.
  • It comes with a foot pedal that activates the hydraulic pump, give you the option to use your hands to support the bike when you are hoisting it.
  • There is an automatic safety lock that gives you multiple locking positions and the rubber padded saddle will prevent any slipping of the load. All these are safety measure that makes this to be the best motorcycle lift.

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Things to Consider When Buying a Motorcycle Jack

When you are looking for the best motorcycle floor jack, there are a number of things that you should put into consideration. Here are some of the main factors that you need to bear in mind so as to get the best motorcycle jack.

  • Rated Lifting Capacity: While motorbikes may not be as heavy as passenger cars, it is important to check the lifting capacity of the motorcycle table lift This is to ensure that the floor jack can adequately support the weight of your motorcycle. You should good for a jack that supports the entire weight of the bike.
  • Frame Construction: A good number of people ignore the strength of the frame of the motorcycle lift jack. Even if you are not lifting a very heavy bike, you need to go for a jack that has a frame that is strong and rigid, to make it possible to support the weight of the load, without caving in.
  • Lift Range: All motorcycle jacks come with a lifting range, which you should pay keen attention to. Take note of the minimum and maximum lifting height of any floor jack before buying it. This should also be influenced by the type of bike that you have.
  • Locking Mechanism: This is an essential factor to consider as it allows you to release the hydraulic pressure from the floor jack, but still maintain the lifted position. This is a safety measure as well as that even if the hydraulic was to fail, the bike will still be intact.
  • Base Width: You can use a motorcycle lift jack for a number of functions like polishing and cleaning the bike as well as regular checks. As such, you would need to find one that has a base footprint that is large enough. This will give you great stability when supporting your load.

How to Lift a Motorcycle with a Motorcycle Jack?

It is one thing to find the right motorcycle floor jack and a totally different thing to learn how to use it properly. Here is our simple guide on how you should use motorcycle jacks:

  • Use a Levelled Surface: The first step is to ensure that your motorbike is on an even surface. It is advisable to find a concrete area to support the task.
  • Inspect the Bike: You should check the underside of the bike so that you can establish the contact point that you will use to lift the bike with your motorcycle hydraulic lift. The place you choose to place your jack should be flat so as to prevent any cases of slippage.
  • Place the Bike in Upright Position: Before hoisting the bike with your ATV jack, you need to ensure that it adjusted accordingly. You should place solid wood blocks under the bike stand to ensure that it is stable.
  • Use the Tie Down Straps: While some people may choose to ignore this, it is a safety measure. Use the ratcheting tie-down straps on the motorcycle stand to hold the bike in place. This will prevent any instances of the bike falling due to imbalance. Do not ignore this as it would save you from so much dangers.
  • Place the Jack: Slide your floor jack under the vehicle and ensure that it is on a flat surface. When placing the jack, it is also advisable to lock the wheels before you can lift the bike off the ground. You should check the positioning of the floor jack so as to ensure that it is stable.
  • Raise your Jack: When the motorcycle lift floor jack has been placed well, you can use the foot pedal to raise it. This should be done in slow motions while using your hands to support the bike. Choose the desired height that you want to raise your bike such that you can access all the components with ease.
  • Use Jack Stands: To enhance your safety, you need to have jack stands when you are carrying out heavy tasks. Place them under the wheels to get additional support. This is just to ensure that you can work on the motorbike without any fears of the bike falling on you while you underneath.

With this simple guide, you should be able to operate the best motorcycle lift without much of a problem. You should always pay keen attention to your safety when operating a floor jack.

Final Recommendation:

Coming this far, you must have gathered a whole lot of information about motorcycle jacks. This guide will help you make an informed decision and be able to get the best motorcycle jack. From the various models we reviewed above, we highly recommend the Powerbuilt 4000 lb Triple Lift Jack. You will enjoy its versatile nature and amazing features as it is a great motorcycle floor jack. If you found this guide insightful, please share with your loved ones.

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  2. Anthony M Alves

    I’m looking for a motor cycle jack that has a metal screw plug in the side of the hydrolic bottle I don’t want the rubber plug type.Do you have that type of jack?

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